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ClickFunnels is a powerful online marketing tool that helps businesses to create sales funnels and capture leads. It provides a draganddrop website builder and an extensive library of templates to create landing pages, sales pages, and other marketing funnels. Its automation capabilities allow businesses to create sequences of emails, offers, and pages to nurture leads and move them through the sales process. It also has analytics and reporting tools to track the performance of campaigns and optimize them for better results. Overall, ClickFunnels is a comprehensive and easytouse platform for businesses to generate leads and increase sales.

ClickFunnels Review

If you are an online marketer, you must be looking for different ways and means to grow your business, ain’t you? And in your search for a genuine tool to enhance profitability, you would have come to know about Russel Brunson and his most innovative sales funnel tool, yes, ClickFunnels! In this post, I’ll provide you a detailed ClickFunnels Review.

To know more about this highly-talked-about tool is of course your motive to land on this page, right?

Well, if you have already collected some basic information about ClickFunnels you would be aware of its popularity, its rapid growth, and the benefits it has provided to many new and old entrepreneurs across the world.

And if you are new to ClickFunnels I will take this opportunity to inform you about the rapid growth and popularity that the ClickFunnels has attained in such a short span. However, I will leave it to you to decide on the real worth of ClickFunnels for the digital merchants, in general, and for you, in particular. These are some things I’ll be covering in this ClickFunnels Review.

Having said this, I will suggest you know about all its features before forming an opinion about its worthiness to the online marketer. And if you ask me why I consider it important for you to know about ClickFunnels, I will only say that ClickFunnels is a phenomenon and I wouldn’t like you to miss the miracle that has taken the world of online marketing by storm

If you are interested in knowing more about ClickFunnels, you have come to the right place. I this ClickFunnels Review, you will learn everything you want to know about ClickFunnels.


ClickFunnels Review: What is ClickFunnels- In the Eyes of Its Users?

ClickFunnels is a sales tool that is helping its users to make money.

Well, this is how most of the users define ClickFunnels. They say it is a simple sales application that helps them pull buyers to their business, convert them into customers, and help retain them forever!

It is quite an innocent definition of ClickFunnels offered by those who love the tool for all the help it has rendered to them in growing their profitability. But for an individual who hasn’t yet tasted the fruits, merely telling them about the benefits won’t be helpful. After all, people can have different tastes. And it is also not necessary that what is beneficial for many will be good for all.

Here, I won’t like you to go by my experience with the tool in this ClickFunnels Review, which has been phenomenal in terms of building a sales funnel for my online business. Rather I will encourage you to have thorough knowledge about the concept before making any opinion about it.

Yet having some basic information about ClickFunnels will be helpful to you in understanding how it can be beneficial for you in your online marketing.


So, to define ClickFunnels in the simplest way- it is a sales funnel building software that allows you to create sales funnels, attract potential customers or leads, and convert them into your customers. It also executes upsells, down-sells, and many other business activities that can help grow your clientele, and in turn your business. It is one of the biggest SaaS (Software as a Service) of modern times.

ClickFunnels is helpful for those who have their own products or services to offer to their customers and also for those who want to associate with it as affiliates. Let’s dive further into the details of this ClickFunnels Review.

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ClickFunnels Review: What is so unique about it?


Do ClickFunnels have some extra abilities that normal sales websites don’t have? Let’s take a further look at this ClickFunnels Review.

Well, yes. Two distinct abilities keep ClickFunnels ahead of all others. The first being its ability to create landing pages that are focused on conversion. And the other is the capability of the software to create robust sales funnels. In both these capabilities, ClickFunnels is outstanding and that is why it is regarded as one of the most effective sales funnel applications.

So, these were the basic input about ClickFunnels in this ClickFunnels Review to give you a fair idea of why so many people who want incessant traffic in their websites to grow sales and profitability are turning towards this unique creation of Russell Brunson.

And while managing their increased traffic and sales, the users also realize that they have also found a simplistic method to automatically receive their payments and deliver their products. A big plus for any merchant. Every marketer understands the difference between selling a product and concluding a sale by finally realizing money from it!

Is ClickFunnels so easy to use as you describe it?

Well, we will deal with this topic in detail separately but right here let me give you the honest reply- NO, it is not as simple as it sounds. It is quite tricky when you start using it and you have to spend some serious quality time learning about the tool.

You need a bit of patience and a lot of training. The latter you get in plenty on the sales funnels page and the former you even otherwise require to be a successful entrepreneur, is it not?

ClickFunnels provides a huge amount of training material along with the application software to make it as simple a process for you as possible. So, though a bit difficult in the beginning, you get all the required ingredients to learn about the tool and master it to reap its maximum benefits in increasing your sales and profitability- slowly in the beginning but quickly as you learn and move forward. 

So, if this information keeps you interested in knowing more about ClickFunnels, we can go a little deeper to know what all this money minting tool has to offer in growing your business and keeping you ahead of your competition.

ClickFunnels Review: An Overview

Russell Brunson developed ClickFunnels in 2014. Within a short period, the software has received the tag of the most favored sales funnel software. It helps users in multiple ways including creating sales funnels and offering complete automation of the sales operations. The software has all the components of sales as well as funnel-creating tools on the same webpage. Using this software, online business owners in any field can increase traffic to their websites and grow their sales and profits.

But it looks like any other sales websites, so, how is it different from them?

Well, appearances are often deceptive. And that is so true with all those websites…! The look-alikes are not the real gems, are they? And who can know that difference? This ClickFunnels Review is aimed at providing you clearer insights. A connoisseur of digital marketing and also a passionate student of online business. Well, as a humble student of online marketing, I will love to show you the glittering facets of ClickFunnels. 

Once you closely observe all the facets of this precious gem, you will realize that ClickFunnels is different from a normal website in the sense that it is not a static webpage. ClickFunnel is dynamic. It is not one of that software that burdens you with loads of information like a usual webpage, but a guide that takes you along with the whole process of shopping.

ClickFunnels directs your visitors to take the path. It shows them and takes them to the product they genuinely need rather than showing a lot of unnecessary stuff. And the biggest of all, ClickFunnels serves your clients not only when they are on your webshop but also when they have left it.

This was just the gist of all that I learned about ClickFunnels. The detailed review will include many unique features, pricing plans, and bonuses offered by ClickFunnels. It will also include many advantages of ClickFunnels and last but not the least- the minor downsides, as well- after all, impurities in gems so often become their most adorable beauty spots, no?

So, let us move ahead to have a closer look at this precious gemstone of modern online merchandising in this ClickFunnels Review.

ClickFunnels Review: What Does ClickFunnels Offer You?

One of the biggest qualities of Russell is that he has a wider angle of vision compared to many others.

How does this quality gets reflected in ClickFunnels? Let’s check out the ClickFunnels Review further to find out the answer.

It very distinctly reflects in the ClickFunnels.

Normal sales funnel web pages will have their focus on you and will consider only YOU as their customers. With Russell, his attention starts beyond YOU. He will have his focus on someone who has yet not entered the periphery of your business field.

In Russell’s vision that invisible customer hidden behind you has already gained importance. Yes, he can see your CUSTOMER with absolute clarity, and most of his offerings are directed towards them. He understands very clearly that what he is offering to YOUR CUSTOMER will eventually come to YOU with a positive multiplying factor.

And what he offers to your customers and in turn to you? To know that we need to come a bit closer and look for the sacred prasad of ClickFunnels. Here are those exclusive offerings:

#1 Creating Impressive Sales Pages

The sales and marketing pages are the biggest tools of online marketing. Sounds cliche? I felt the same way until I came to realize that as I was considering it to be a simple task I felt bored talking about it. I would shrug my shoulders and think,” One more English master teaching me how to learn the alphabet. Oh, I already know them by heart?”

ClickFunnels is a different type of master. It tells you how to create powerful content out of your basic knowledge of the alphabets of online marketing.

Building impressive and highly attractive web pages are so much more than learning or even mastering the basics. To build them, you need to create several web pages one after the other in a seemingly unending process. It is the ClickFunnels that offer you the easy way to create them.

ClickFunnels guides you to create these web pages that visitors love to be on for longer. It ushers you the right way to create web pages that make your visitors pay for your products all the while they enjoy the pathways and beauty of your all-attractive web pages.

Converting the tourist into a resident is more than only learning alphabets by heart- was what I realized when I learned how to create web pages after joining ClickFunnels.

#2 Launching Products and Service

MOther Funnel Secrets

Whether online or offline, launching a new product is not a task that can be accomplished in a day or two. It is a long process that begins with the very conception of the product. Moreover, online product launching has even more challenges.

Influencing people to come on a not-so-concrete launching board is rather tricky. But if you have the right tools, you can convert those challenges into opportunities. And in this ClickFunnels Review, I’m gonna tell you exactly how ClickFunnels offers you those tools.

It features a Product Launch funnel that facilitates you making people know about your product, convincing them about its utility to them, and then launching your product. The first two activities play a big role in accomplishing the last one.

#3 Offering Online Courses

Course creators

ClickFunnels can also help you by offering an online course to your clients. These courses also include online tutor courses. To use this feature, you can visit and set up the Membership Area and design and develop your course. Apart from offering an effective platform, ClickFunnels also take care of all your sales and marketing aspects for your online courses. Though the channel does not assist you in uploading the marketing video you can use any other popular channel to float/telecast them.

#4 Adding up Subscribers

Every online business owner realizes the need for a long and robust email list and at the same time considers it one of the most formidable tasks of the entire marketing process. ClickFunnels makes it very easy for you to build an email list and relieves you of the worries of adding up subscribers to your online business.

Russell Brunson had realized quite early that though there was no free lunch for a buyer yet a seller needed to offer a few free lunches to get their buyers on board to pay for the subsequent meals. 

So, you need to arrange your marketing funnels in a way that the first displayed funnel has the free incentive tag over it. For example, if you use ClickFunnels to run your ad campaign for an online tutor program, you can offer a free package on the subject for the first few sessions. This will help you generate a big email list that will prove vital to create leads for subsequent products.

ClickFunnels- A Detailed Review

So, once we have got acquainted with the type of gem, its color, and the clarity, we want to closely look at its cuts and accurately measure its carat. It’s time for going into the hardcore details of this ClickFunnels Review.

Knowing about what ClickFunnels can offer would have given you a clear idea of whether you want to travel further with me or choose to go back to your own way of doing online business.

If you decide to come along with me you will get to know many unique features of ClickFunnels that have never been explored before. You will come to know many benefits of these exclusive features and you will also learn about not-so-great features or the flip side of ClickFunnels that will help you avoid the pitfalls while working with the tool.

So, let us begin with the top-class features of ClickFunnels.

#1: No Coding Skills Needed

Designing sales funnels is difficult if you do not know to code. Most of the software demands you to have knowledge and skill of coding which in the case of ClickFunnels is a big NOT-NEEDED.

As an online marketer, you know what it means. Yes, it means you can design your funnels even without knowing how to code!

But how is that possible?

ClickFunnels is replete with many sales funnel templates that you can access quite easily. So, if you want to design, say a sales funnel, you need to pick one template, make a few changes as per your requirements and move on to the next one. It is as simple as that.

And the good news for those who already know to code- you get a platform to test your coding skills. Isn’t this great?

#2: Ease of Designing Web Pages

Building marketing pages in a funnel is a task in itself. But if the tool is supportive, it is a cakewalk. And with ClickFunnels it is a breeze. The application comprises templates for all the different types of pages- be it a sales page, order page, or others. Coupled with that you have the most user-friendly ‘drag and drop’ feature to create the pages in the design you want. 

It not only is easy but pretty quick, as well, to design any kind of web page. So, it saves a lot of your time of creating the most alluring web pages that will pull the visitors to your page and hold them on your page ad infinitum.

It will be more useful if you decide to run an ad or marketing campaign with ClickFunnels. The fast-paced design of web pages will save significant time in building funnels and will give you an edge over your competitor.

#3:  Helping to Select the Best Sales Funnel

If you can find a way to ensure that the sales funnels that you have built are the best, it will give you a lot of confidence while releasing them as offers. Besides, it will also facilitate you to build multiple funnels and select the best among them.

And the good news is that ClickFunnels offers such a master feature to its clients.

What is that?

ClickFunnels has the feature of A/B testing through which you can compare different designs of the sales funnels and choose the best among them. You can use this test method for any of your web pages and any other components of your campaign.

In addition to this, another great facility is that the templates provided with the software have already gone through the testing procedure. So, you just need to check their performance level to select the best one.

#4: Easy Up-Sells and Down-Sells

If designing funnels is a tough task, up-sells and down-sells are no less difficult.

Your online advertisements will direct your potential customer to your highly alluring web page. But they might already have a lot many different options to choose from. Your product may only be one of those many, right?

So, converting this opportunity into reality through a long loop of sorting, comparing, identifying, deciding, referring back and again deciding… (hold your breath)… and finally clicking the order button on your web page, is one of the most challenging tasks, particularly when you are not physically with your potential customer.

And on top of that, if you have to sell them another product? You need expertise. And if you don’t have that in plenty? You need the up-sell feature of ClickFunnels…!

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Upsell- How does ClickFunnels do it differently?

Just while your customer is about to pay for a selected product, if you can present a more lucrative offer before them right at that moment, there are higher chances of striking the deal. And that is what ClickFunnels offers as one of its key features- you can set up a deal page of your choice just when the customer is about to check out.

So, if you are selling books and the customer is about to click the order button for one book, you can set up a deal page that offers them the entire series at a discounted rate. More often than not, customers will accept this offer willingly. You can offer one more deal to the customer with an even more alluring offer and allow customers to decide on this second up-sell.

Downsell- What is the ClickFunnels method to execute a down-sell?

A down-sell can be executed if the customer doesn’t accept your deal. ClickFunnels has the feature to offer them a deal at a lower price. Often, the customers decide to accept the lower-priced deal. This is also a good way to create an opportunity to convert them into your customer.

#5: Easy Tracking and Access to the Sales Data

Though ClickFunnels is not exclusive in providing access and tracking to your sales data, it provides great convenience to its users as they can get their data in the same software they are using for running their business. Sales Analytic feature of ClickFunnels offers this highly convenient integrated solution to its clients.

You can track data related to the customers who are making the maximum purchases, the products that are generating maximum business and the sales funnel yielding the best results, etc. Tracking and analyzing these data will help you focus on the leads, customers, products, and sales funnels, contributing maximum to grow your business.

#6: Sharing The Funnels

Sharing is the best way to spread… to spread happiness, to spread harmony, and also to spread business.

But what has sharing to do with ClickFunnels?

A lot. And that is why I called ClickFunnels one of the most unique platforms that utilize every channel of spreading business, increasing sales, and growing profitability.

So, this feature of sharing the funnels has two aspects.


If you do not have the relevant sales funnel, you do not need to put effort to create one. ClickFunnels has a feature that allows its users to share funnels with those who want to build sales funnels.

So, you can use the relevant funnel of your acquaintance for your online enterprise. Wonderful, isn’t it? You can imagine the amount of time you will save by using those established funnels!

And two.

If you have already built the sales funnels, you can share them with others and earn a commission on that.


Well, if someone who doesn’t have a ClickFunnels account wants to use your funnel, they will be encouraged to take the trial. And while taking trial, if they get converted into users, which in all probability they will, you get the opportunity to earn a commission.

Sharing Funnel is also one of the most effective methods to make money as a ClickFunnels Affiliate.

ClickFunnels Affiliates? What is that? How does it work? How can we join the ClickAffilaite program? Is there any qualification or criteria to join this program? How can we make money with ClickFunnels as Affiliates?

Well, it won’t be possible to explain this program in a few words. So, I  will give a detailed review of the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program to respond to all the above questions.

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ClickFunnel Affiliate Review

ClickFunnels Affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs and there is no surprise that all those who want to know about ClickFunnels are equally curious to know about its affiliate program. 

How to Become a ClickFunnel Affiliate?

ClickFunnels Affiliate is an individual who is paid recurringly for bringing new customers into the ClickFunnels.

There are three ways that you can become a ClickFunnel Affiliate:

  • Sign up by visiting ClickFunnels Affiliate’s official website.
  • Join 14-day ClickFunnels’ free trial
  • Get enrolled in Russell’ Free Affiliate Bootcamp

Why Should I Promote ClickFunnels?

Well, this is the very question that I also asked myself when I came to know about ClickFunnels Affiliate program for the first time.

And when I delved deeper into the concept I found innumerable reasons to promote ClickFunnels. We will talk about some of the most significant ones here:

Lifetime Recurring Income

Do you want me to go into the details of how you can get this? Or you already know that whenever you bring any customer to buy a ClickFunnels product, you get the commissions not only for that product but also for all the products the customer shop for during the stipulated time.

Heavy Commissions 

40% of recurring commissions is a never-heard-before payment that a company shares with its sales partners. However, it doesn’t seem astonishing anymore as by now we have come across so many exceptional offers extended by ClickFunnels to its clients. In absolute monetary terms, ClickFunnels pays you $38.8 per sale for Standard Plan and $118.8 for the Platinum Plan.

You get a similar percentage for selling Funnel University and the Funnel Scripts. You additionally get a bonus prize that makes you eligible to lease or purchase your dream car. And this is not the end of commissions. Over and above, you get 5% commissions on what your affiliates earn.

Do you want more reasons?


Well, let me still share a few more for my delight.

High-quality Products and Offers

Sharing is important. But what you share matters more than sharing. ClickFunnels provides you an opportunity to share the knowledge that helps others to grow. With ClickFunnels, you can offer a wide range of quality products to your customers at highly impressive prices that include, Traffic Secrets, OFA Challenge, Funnel Scripts, and so on. 

Exceptional Learning Resource

To support your selling efforts ClickFunnels offers your clients extraordinary marketing material in the form of the most popular Russell’s trilogy- The DotCom Secrets, Traffic Secrets, and Expert Secrets- all for free by only paying the shipping charges.

Besides, it offers a highly compelling 14-day free trial. If that is not enough, the free Russell Affiliate Bootcamp for the first four days after subscribing to ClickFunnels is almost irresistible.

The vast library of training material, free affiliate training, and high-level professional promotional material add value to your sales offer.

That understood, the big question remains,

How to Make Money as a ClickFunnels Affiliate?

As described above, Sharing Funnels is one of the most effective ways you can make money as a ClickFunnels Affiliate. There are many other ways also that you can earn those exceptional commissions. While a few of those methods I will share with you right here, many others you will learn and create while working with ClickFunnels.

Use Sales Funnels as Services

Sales Funnels

While in sharing your sales funnels, you actually give away your sales funnels to the customers, in this method you sell your funnels as service only. As your customers earn through your sales funnels you can recommend them to subscribe to ClickFunnels to create and manage their own sales funnels.

Offer Free ClickFunnels Knowledge

You can function as a knowledge resource for ClickFunnels in multiple ways. Here are some of the most effective ways to do that.

  • By offering free training on ClickFunnels.
  • By writing an eBook or creating course material on how to start and run a successful business. In the book, you can introduce ClickFunnels and offer your suggestion to subscribe to it.
  • By writing detailed reviews on affiliate products including ClickFunnels. For this, you need to use SEO tools to ensure that you are visible on the first page of Google search. You can also create your own bonus offers which are better than the other bloggers and take forward your deal.
  • Posting YouTube videos is another great way to generate traffic. Post product reviews of all your affiliate products. Introduce ClickFunnels and recommend your viewers for its subscription.
  • Organizing Webinars is one of the most powerful ways of promoting ClickFunnels to your potential clients. This is Russell’s one of most favourite strategies to build traffic and grow business.
  • Hosting business-related virtual events and sharing your genuine experience with ClickFunnels with the audience.
  • Offering the One Funnel Away Challenge to your viewers and earn 100% commission and take benefit of the highest yielding program of Russell Brunson. 

Pay for Ads, Build Email List and Combine Them

SEO is a great way to come to the top of Google Search, but not the only one. You can use the PPC (Pay Per Click) model, as well to get your ad on the first page of the search results.

You can also post ads promoting ClickFunnels on your Facebook page or other SM platform. 

In fact, you can use ClickFunnels and your email list to form a virtuous circle of supporting each other. Using a bridge page when users sign up for ClickFunnels to subscribe to your email list will help significantly in building your email list. And using your email list to promote ClickFunnels can give a big boost to your ClickFunnels Affiliate Program.

Many Positives of ClickFunnels

Helps in Generating Leads

Placing ads on different social platforms is one thing while getting visitors to click on the ad to enter your site is altogether different.

How does ClickFunnels fill that gap?

ClickFunnels helps you create highly alluring landing pages that pull visitors to click on them and enter your funnel. You can also generate a big email list through ClickFunnels that will further increase your leads.

Helps in Increasing Sales

Just directing a potential customer to the seller’s site is only a partial achievement. And that is where most of the websites or ad campaigns on different social media platforms fail to convert leads into customers. 

Once on the seller’s site, a customer gets access to many stores offering similar products or services. So, though the customer has reached the seller’s site through your page, there is no surety that they will buy the product from your stores only.

ClickFunnels helps you design sales funnels in such a way that even a first-timer or a strolling visitor will leave your site as a customer.

How does it do it?

Well, ClickFunnels doesn’t directly and immediately takes the lead to the seller’s website. It first allows the lead to tour your web page and gain some knowledge about your company, brands, and products.

It further creates some curiosity about the company and its many different offers. At this point, it presents before them a special offer that triggers their desire to avail themselves of the opportunity, pay for it, and finally join the valuable customer list of your company.

Automates Entire Sales Operation

The eventual success of your entire business lies in the smooth running of your sales operation. This is the process that finally gives you the rewards for which you have been putting all your efforts. ClickFunnels offers a platform that allows you to integrate all your sales processes automatically. You don’t need to manually intervene in any process at any step.

The software is compatible with many eCommerce platforms. So, if you are already working with any such platform you just need to integrate it with ClickFunnels to automate the whole sales process. This will enable you to integrate order placement with the relevant stores for seamless processing.

Apart from sales and order integration, it also offers the benefit of payment integration. Customers can pay through multiple channels like PayPal, ClickBank, and many other payment gateways for an easy and quick payment process.

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Gets Access to the FunnelFlix Program

If you are a ClickFunnels user, you should leverage the advantage of being connected with Russell Brunson, the master magician of the sales funnel. And that is exactly what you get on joining ClickFunnels. You get access to ClickFunnels’ FunnelFlix program.

The program includes special training sessions delivered by Russell himself about the most powerful and high yielding strategies of online business. Besides, it also contains expert advice from other successful online marketers. 

Apart from the training sessions and highly beneficial tips, FunnelFix also offers many useful courses on sales and marketing. These courses are conducted by the likes of John Reese and Tony Robbins.

ClickFunnels Review: A Few Minor Downsides

It is Pricey

ClickFunnels is definitely not the cheapest software in the stores. The basic plan of ClickFunnels costs $97 per month. 

Though those who have become a part of ClickFunnels know that the cost of ClickFunnels is much less than what it offers in return. Yet higher cost may deprive a few talented entrepreneurs to be a part of such a wonderful tool of online marketing.

Priority Support Available Only for Platinum Members

ClickFunnels have recently introduced priority support in their customer support system. However, it is exclusively for their Platinum members who pay a handsome fee of $297 a month.

Required Some Time to Master

Being an altogether new concept ClickFunnels has a little bit of a learning curve. Though it starts showing results as soon as you start applying its techniques, it will need some time to master the art of using all its tools effectively.

For this, you will need to dedicate your time and efforts to master the software. The good part is that you are given a good amount of training material. The training material will help you reap the maximum benefits of the software and eventually simplify the process of working with the software.

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels has two pricing plans, Standard Plan and Platinum Plan.

Standard Plan

It is the basic plan which is priced at $97 per month. The Standard Plan offers many funnel creation tools including,

  • 100 Sales Funnels
  • 20 Pages
  • 20,000 visitors
  • Unlimited leads
  • 3 Custom Domain
  • 1 Billing Integration

This plan is good for those who are starting their business where they need to create funnels to increase their leads and enhance their conversion rate. If you opt for this plan, I will recommend you to switch to the Platinum plan as soon as the number of visitors goes beyond the maximum permissible limit of 20,000.

Platinum Plan

Platinum Plan is ClickFunnels’ premium plan priced at $297 per month. The tools that are offered in this premium plan includes an unlimited number of Sales Funnels, Pages, Visitors, and Leads. Besides, it also includes 9 Custom Domain and 3 billing integrations. Moreover, you can also create your affiliate program and get the benefits of Hackathons, FunnelFlix, and Daily Virtual.

You also get access to some highly valuable training and courses like the famous One Funnel away Challenge, Traffic Secrets, High Ticket Secrets, Funnel Agency Secrets, and so on.

The plans though may seem to be quite expensive, are worthwhile keeping in mind the kind of facilities they offer. If you consider some of the services like building landing pages, sales integration, and sales analytics, you will appreciate that the plans are much cheaper compared to the other sales funnel plans who offer bare minimum facilities at those prices. 

ClickFunnels Free Trial 

Clickfunnels free trial

With the kind of features ClickFunnels offer, it is difficult not to select it as your online business tool. However, Russell with his vast experience realizes that many people may still have doubts about the value of the product. He also appreciates the fact that the tool may not offer great value to some enterprises as no one can claim to design a universal tool for all types of businesses.

And for this reason, he offers a free trial plan before asking to pay for the software. The 14-day Free Trial is to facilitate you to use all the features of the tool to evaluate its utility for your business. In the free trial, you get all the tools about the specific plan that you choose plus all the bonuses linked to the plan. 

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Summing Up My ClickFunnels Review

Many websites offer loads of information about the online business but are mostly static to the extent of being boring and do not offer any practical method to grow the business. There are several sales funnel software that claim to create incessant traffic to your website and grow your business in a quick time.

However, none of these sales funnel builders offer an all-in-one, integrated solution to all your online business requirements. Getting to know about ClickFunnels, in this scenario, is like a dream come true. Getting so many features in a single tool is unbelievably true.

You not only get all the features to generate leads, grow sales, launch products, create email lists, and so on, but also get the integrated marketing solution for all the aspects related to sales including product ordering, delivery, and payment realization. Besides, you also get the tool to track important parameters of your online business.

Over and above that, you get access to a lot of highly valuable training sessions and webinars conducted by the world’s most renowned and successful entrepreneurs.

On the pricing front, considering the most unique features of this website-cum-sales-funnel-builder, you will find them to be much cheaper compared to the value it offers. With its 14 days free trial plan it offers one of the greatest opportunities for both budding and experienced online marketers to try one of the most dynamic tools in the field of modern digital marketing.

ClickFunnels Review: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to install any other application to use ClickFunnels?

No. You don’t need to install anything to use ClickFunnels. You just need to login to your ClickFunnels account, enter the members’ area, and start building your pages in the funnels. 

Do I need to enter into a contract with ClickFunnels to use it?

You don’t need to enter into any long term contract with ClickFunnels. You can simply pay for the monthly plan and continue as long as you wish. You can cancel your account anytime you want.

How can I cancel my account with ClickFunnels?

It is as simple as signing in. You need to login to your account and select “cancel my account” in your account setting. You don’t need to use any other mode of communication to cancel your account.

How does ClickFunnels track your affiliates?

ClickFunnels uses cookies to track your leads to ensure that you get paid for any purchases made by each one of your affiliates and leads.

How does ClickFunnels pay its affiliates?

ClickFunnels uses Tipalti for systematically tracking entire sales, commissions, and payout related activities of all its affiliates.
After signing up ClickFunnels Affiliate Account, you will receive an e-mail on your registered ID with the guidelines to set up a Tipalti account. To set up the account, you will need to fill in your personal information in the relevant fields and upload your Tax form. During the setup, you can select the payment mode convenient to you.

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