Funnel Scripts Pricing: How Much Does it Cost 2023?

A compelling and great copy needs hours to write and months to test, but Funnel Scripts is different. It is an all-in-one system that creates captivating sales copies, email scripts, and subject lines for your business within just a few minutes without exerting effort. Simply put, it is a copywriting program that offers pre-made scripts, wizards, training webinars, and much more. However, it is an automated tool that creates an instant copy for you. It will help you to save plenty of time and effort when you compare it to the traditional copy-generating way. 

Jim Edwards, ad Russell Brunson, create this tool, in which they share their best draft scripts to generate compelling copy that engages the audience and turns them to take specific actions. Moreover, these sales copies are also generated according to your target market, their needs, problems, challenges, and how you think your product or service can solve them. Apart from scripts, you can also get various tools that help you create and customize compelling copy for your business. Additionally, it also comes packed with many training videos that every copywriter is going to love. But what does it cost to purchase a funnel script? And is it worth the investment? This article will give you complete information regarding Funnel Scripts pricing. 

Funnel Scripts

Funnel Script

It is unarguably true that simply typing away facts for more than 1000 words and calling it a copy won’t cut. It requires emotions, connections, imagery, and, most importantly, a story that you convey to your audience. Writing high-converting sales letters, Facebook ads, webinar copy, and email scripts need patience and practice. So, funnel Script comes to the rescue with its copy-generating SaaS platform. 

It is essential to understand that copywriting is a mindset where you need to understand your audience better than they do themselves and utilize that to unleash your inner copywriting expert without spending years getting professional training. With Funnel script, you can sit in your PJs, sipping coffee, and type an excellent copy within just a few minutes that would otherwise need years to practice writing. Funnel script pricing helps you streamline the customer acquisition process by automating the interactions between your website and potential customers. 

Cost of Funnel Script

Clickfunnels has grown and perfected its software, Funnel Scripts, and everything included in it has also improved. Previously, the price of the Funnel script was $66 per month. However, now they offer a Funnel Scripts Lifetime plan. The cost of this one-time payment is $797. With the help of this, you will get access to innumerable features and exclusive bonuses, which are worth more than $127,394. In addition, paying that amount also means that all the features will always be available to you without needing to renew. You can enjoy features at this price, including the Funnel Scripts script-building copywriting software with different script templates, training videos, and a copywriting master class.

There is no one correct answer regarding pricing a funnel script. However, some general principles can be followed. To get started, consider the complexity of the script and the amount of customization required. You should also consider the target market and their typical budget. Once you know what to charge, you can customize the pricing for specific features or services included in the Funnel script. Funnel Scripts pricing depends on the script’s complexity.

Moreover, you will also get the benefit of monthly live coaching for the product’s lifetime. It is undeniably a very convenient deal for you. It is because there are no additional charges after your single initial payment. As the product evolves, you will get all the latest updates related to funnel scripts. The great part, as Click Funnels improve with time, Funnel Scripts now always succeed in catching up with the pace of emerging businesses. It will also ensure a one-stop platform for all your writing tasks.

Funnel Builder Secrets Promotion

You can enjoy a special deal on Funnel Scripts. Undeniably, it is the best way for people who are still just considering subscribing to click funnels. It is called Funnel Builder Secrets deal. With this promotion offer, you will get 6 or 12 months of access to Funnel Scripts. 

You need to pay $2,997 for an annual payment or $1,997 for a 6-month plan. Fortunately, with each option, you will also get the ClickFunnel Platinum Plan with great bonuses. It will include training in funnel building and marketing. Moreover, it also helps you to start building funnels and build your business looking to optimize your sales funnels. It includes a Funnel Scripts tool that considers all your copywriting needs. 

Funnel Scripts Free Trial

Funnel Scripts is worth checking out when you need to take your copywriting skills to the next level or if you are not a natural-born writer. Fortunately, they offer a free trial. It will allow you to try it before your buy. 

Headline Generator

In this option, you need to enter some information. After that, it will spit out many headlines to choose from. The headline created by Funnel Scripts is outstanding and always helps you to get great results.

Funnel Scripts Lite

It is the second way to get Trial Funnel Scripts for free. It will provide free access to a few Funnel Scripts features. However, this Funnel Scripts version helps you develop the sales copy and emails you want for the 5-Day Lead Challenge. You need to input basic information about what you are selling and who your target audience, or market, is and see the magic. 

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

One of the encouraging things, especially for new users, is the 30-day money-back guarantee offered by Funnel Scripts. It means that due to any reason, if you want to cancel your payment, you can do it within 30 days and get your full refund. It will lift any strain of making up-front payments. Undeniably, 30 days are enough to gauge the system’s quality and determine if Funnel Scripts is a good investment. Suppose you need to feel better about your purchase, just email customer support of ClickFunnel. This strong offer shows that Funnel Scripts believes the system is worth the price.


In a nutshell, Funnel Scripts is one of the best copywriting tools. It helps to create sales copy for your funnel. It is the best option if you spend $797 to get unlimited access to develop video sales letters, webinar scripts, sales letters, and more. With Funnel Scripts, you don’t need to hire expensive copywriters. If you’re looking to price your funnel scripts, it’s essential to understand the various costs associated with developing and selling a product on the web. This article covers some of the most common expenses and provides tips for estimating how much each one will cost. Once you’ve accounted for all the necessary costs, you can start pricing your scripts accordingly.

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