Wix vs ClickFunnels: Which Website Builder Is the Best?

There are thousands of platforms from which people can choose a website builder. However, Wix and ClickFunnel are the titans of the game. It can take time to predict which one is better. They perform the same functions, but some features make them different. This is what we’re going to look at today.

ClickFunnel performs two distinct tasks one is that of a sales funnel, and the other is the website platform. The sales funnel used to convert the lead generated into sales. At the same time, wix provides users with the platform to design and make their web presence flexible by adding and removing features. So let’s see wix vs clickfunnels which one is best?

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnel is the most popular platform for beginners who wants to build a customised blog on pages inside the sales funnel. If you opt for a ClickFunnel, you get to try your hands on different types of available tools that are needed in the sales process. With this, you can show your customer the offers made by the company to increase sales. With ClickFunnels, you will also get assistance from email marketing, Facebook, and many other features at just $97 to $2,499 per month. There are many different plans available from which you can choose depending on your requirement. It is mainly used to create new, simple, and single platforms which can be used to know about service and their products, and the sales funnel similar to ClickFunnel. So in terms of payment wix vs clickfunnels, the ClickFunnel is more expensive.

It consists of single sales pages and a landing page, which takes the customer via the sales process and keeps them from being lost. A sales funnel similar to ClickFunnel. It works transparently. ClickFunnels can create different sales funnels that turn visitors or customers into prospects. This approach can be used to make the customer the real one. 

Moreover, it is used to collect payment. It can be used to track down information. Every single page is displayed on the funnel. Although the traditional tools need much tech-based knowledge for setup, the ClickFunnel provides support with a single or few clicks. It consists of different integrated devices to perform and build a sales funnel. This will let you win the profit faster. 

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How is ClickFunnel better than Traditional Tools?

So here is the difference between the traditional tool and ClickFunnel: 

  • With the help of ClickFunnel, it is easier to build the sales funnel, with which it becomes easier to generate traffic. 
  • It allows the customers to integrate different payment software and system for collecting payments within a few minutes for every site page. 
  • It provides an additional option for sending follow-ups to the customers before they buy any product. 
  • The ClickFunnels profits facility of traffic analysis, which helps you generate more traffic and boost the organisation’s sales. 

ClickFunnels Features

There are various features of ClickFunnels. Some of which include: 

1. Drag & Drop Visual Editor 

This is a fantastic tool used for the sale funnel. You need to choose one funnel template depending on what you will sell. This can also be used to collect leads. After creating the page, you can customise the material or content by editing, dropping, and dragging various elements. It is ideal for multiple reasons, especially for making content to generate leads. Moreover, the templates can be easily converted and can be customised easily. 

2. Website Hosting

It also includes website hosting, so people don’t have to look for any other toll, rather than moving between website creation and hosting provider. Users can easily add or purchase the domain or form an all-new field within ClickFunnels. It is straightforward and provides a fantastic platform for users to promote their businesses. 

3. 75+ Templates and Themes Available

If you want to make a sales funnel with the help of scratch. Then there is no need to worry about anything. With the help of ClickFunnel, Users can select highly converting funnels as per their requirements. They can customise those panels as much as they want, and then they can be launched. It will also provide an idea about how to put the sales copy. This is done to get the best conversion rates. 

4. Split Testing Capabilities

It is essential to understand the split testing Funnels, products, sales, copy, and many other things for an entrepreneur to become successful. The more the test is split, the more you will get to learn, the more you will iterate, and thus more sales can be generated. With the help of ClickFunnels, it becomes significantly easier to do split tests for any portion of the sales funnels. 

5. Highly-Convertible Sales Funnels 

The ClickFunnel funnels are not only created for the members, but it is used for your purpose also. The page formed are highly convertible, and people can customise them according to their requirements. The primary purpose of the sale funnel is to generate leads. 

6. Conversion Tracking unlimited 

Would you like to understand how several potential customers converted due to the sales funnel? Do you want to learn the number of selected people to become leads? If you answer yes, you can access these crucial stats directly from the ClickFunnels account.

7. Email AutoResponder

ClickFunnel claims it has the most highly convertible sales funnel, which different group members can use. One more fantastic feature of ClickFunnel is the email autoresponder which every member has access to. Yes, just like the templates you get for free, you want to purchase any CRM or ESP to collect leads and contact prospects. All these things can be done in a single place with the help of a ClickFunnel account. 

8. Membership Site 

If you wish to make a membership program that can be used to make monthly revenue, then you don’t have to worry about anything. With the help of ClickFunnel, you can easily create a membership site in which the customers need to pay to get access to the content you have made. That means it is fully subscription-based. 

9. Shopping Cart

This is a unique feature that only some people know about. With many different types of website builders, including WordPress and Wix, you cannot make the feature of a shopping cart for your members or customers. In such cases, you need to find external sources. However, within ClickFunnel, it is easier to make a shopping cart. You need to add the product’s description, price, and details. After that, people can choose the product and save it in the cart to purchase it later. However, the ClickFunnel pricing is more than wix pricing. 

What is Wix?

It is another website builder tool that provides flexible design and advanced capacities. The primary purpose of wix is to build interactive and beautiful websites without the need for extra knowledge. That means people with zero coding skills can also use it. The users or customers who utilise Wix can create beautiful and appealing content with layouts. It best suits online stores, artists, restaurants, and small businesses. The best part is that the designed website can be used from anywhere, even with a mobile phone. 

The wix can work in both iOS and android ecosystems. If we talk about the cost of Wix, then it provides premium and free plans. The interface is straightforward and slick, which is best for the DIY site owner searching for easy solutions. It is the most accessible and user-friendly tool used for website building. It is a SaaS solution where users can access it from various devices. The only thing required is the login information; you must create an account first. It is a fantastic website-building tool that is used for multiple purposes. If we compare it with a ClickFunnel feature, the best part is that it comes in an affordable price range of $5 – $29. For the business plan, it ranges from $20 to $35. 

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How does the Wix works? 

It is another fantastic website-building platform or tool that allows users to publish and create their websites. People can use it even if they don’t have any prior designing, experience, or coding experience. Within a few minutes, users can form a website with the help of a drag-and-drop interface. Moreover, just like ClickFunnel, it also contains thousands of templates that can be used to make content. Once the website is created, other types of present in wix can be used to put the content in the website, create a blog and add an online store. 

Features of Wix

Below are some of the features which you will get with the Wix website builder: 

1. App Market

The app market is only available to people with a Wix account. Just like any other website, it is used to create your website. No matter how many changes you want to bring to your website. You will probably find an app. Is a timer required for the clock to tick down? Searching for a cart and payment gateway? Without a problem, look through the Wix application store until you locate your requirements.

2. Drag-And-Drop Feature

It is known to have the best drag-and-drop feature. With this, you can easily make changes and customise your website. 

3. Unlimited Fonts

It contains different font types with unique styles unavailable for any other website builder website. It consists of 100 types of font that can be used to make raising content. 

4. Advanced Design

It has easy-to-use advanced design features, including various backgrounds, videos, scroll effects, and animation. 

5. Over multiple Website Templates

In this, you will find different types of templates. The template most closely resembles the brand identity or planned website design could be seen by sorting templates by type, previewing the few that catch your eye, and selecting them.

Price of Wix and ClickFunnels

1. Wix Pricing

Wix pricing

It provides a monthly subscription that starts from $8 and goes up to $19. Before you select any, look for the various plans and compare them depending on your needs because each offers optional services and data allowance. Remember that Wix is cheaper than ClickFunnels. Moreover, ClickFunnels has more features than wix. 

2. ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels Pricing Monthly
ClickFunnels Pricing – Monthly Plans
ClickFunnels Pricing Annual
ClickFunnels Pricing – Annualy Plans

It provides terrific and incredible pricing plans. You can also try it for free before purchasing it, making it easier for customers to decide whether they want it. It starts at $97 monthly, and you will also get 20,000 visitors, 20 finals, and 100 pages. You will also get 3 three different custom domains, one billing system, and unlimited leads. On the other hand, one more plan costs around $297 each month. With this, you will also access complete content with three billing integrations. 

Which one is better?

Choose the ClickFunnel only when your primary motive is to convert the leads into sales. On the other hand, choose the wix only when you wish to provide value and generate sales. It is also used to provide information to people who visit the site. After looking at the features and understanding how they work, It is clear that ClickFunnel is best, especially in the case of sale conversion and lead generation, which is very important to grow the business. However, the only drawback is that it is pretty expensive this is because of the countless number of features it provides. So if you doubt can I use wix instead of clickfunnel, then the answer is yes. 

Moreover, the success rate of a website created from this is very high, and you will get all the valuable materials and tools. However, it doesn’t mean that the wix is not applicable. It also adds value to the work, and the page created using Wix is easily customisable. It is much cheaper than Clickfunnel. 

Summing Up

In conclusion, so, we have seen wix vs clickfunnels. Although both of them are quite similar, they differ from each on the basis of affordability and use. Whatever you are going to choose, select on the basis of your requirements. 

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