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Everwebinar Review
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Everwebinar is an online platform that allows users to create and host automated webinars for their businesses. The platform offers a variety of features, including automated registration and email reminders, interactive Q&A sessions, and customizable webinar settings. With Everwebinar, users can create an automated webinar that can be used to reach their target audience without needing to be present. Users can also create a library of past webinars and access analytics to track the performance of their webinars. Overall, Everwebinar is an easytouse platform that provides users with the tools they need to create and host automated webinars for their businesses.

Everwebinar Review

There are no live activities involved. Hence “automated” is the key phrase. WebinarJam, the app’s sibling, orbits around live video conferences. Both programs are among the finest in the business, according to us. EverWebinar’s objective is to make your older recordings seem as though they were brand new so that you may resell them. It’s more than merely re-watching the same webinars over and over again. As a consequence, it gives the impression that they were never broadcast.

More than 20,000 people have signed up for this service. However, just a few EverWebinar reviews can be found on G2, TrustRadius, or Capterra. Even though the overall rating on these platforms was neutral, remember that this is a relatively tiny sample of their total user population. To fill the hole created by a pretty silent community, I examined the functioning of EverWebinar myself. Let’s check whether it’s worth our money before we buy it.

Features of EverWebinar: 

EverWebinar’s onboarding procedure is unique since it combines both onscreen and email instructions. Here are some of Everwebinar Review’s most useful features and how they work.

HD Display:

Using EverWebinar, you don’t have to worry about pixelation whether you share your screen, photographs, or make a PowerPoint presentation.

Everwebinar Review

Email Follow-Ups and Reminders:

When using EverWebinar, you may send and receive messages through email and SMS. This evergreen program comes with an integrated email system, but you may also use your SMTP gateway or an autoresponder like ConvertKit, Mailchimp, or another well-known service. 

There is no perimeter to the number of pre-session notification reminders that may be scheduled, and the text of the email can be customized in terms of color, font size, photos, bullet lists, etc. You’ll find a link to your webinar recording in the follow-up email. The absence of boolean logic in the follow-up email prevents me from segmenting the audience depending on how they attended the event.

Polls, Surveys, and Other Engagers:

The evergreen webinar software allows audience participation, including polls, quizzes, announcements, and file sharing. There are various choices and a start and finish date for the poll. You may add a timestamp to any remark you choose in the webinar. You may use it as a product endorsement or for any purpose.

Automatic Offer Setup:

You should use EverWebinar’s appealing product offer design feature to get high conversion rates. Customers are likelier to purchase a product with a clear picture, an attractive call to action button, and a sense of urgency.

Create a sense of urgency for attendees by including a countdown timer in your offers and live sale notifications. If you want to encourage more individuals to buy the product, you may display live sale notifications as soon as someone purchases it in the webinar session. You may add the item to your audience’s shopping basket in the same tab and complete the transaction there.

Scheduling Options:

Thanks to the flexible scheduling options, webinars may be scheduled weekly, monthly, or even daily, with automatic time conversion for registrants. When you activate immediate watch replay, a recorded webinar is created that may be seen at any time by anybody who wants to watch it.

Additionally, registrants may join an already running webinar without waiting until the following session. This function will automatically advance to the proper time stamp to make it seem like. To attend the webinar, you need to appear on this website a few minutes before the start time, and you may view the event as you register.

Automated Attendance:

Everwebinar Review allows you to create the illusion of a large audience by allowing you to mimic the room. Make it look like you’ve had 500 people by setting up the attendance number ahead of time, and it will be shown to everyone at the event. However, for ethical reasons, I do not endorse this method.

Live Chat Simulator and Hybrid Webinars:

Evergreen webinars don’t have to sacrifice audience connection. Using a live chat simulator, you may pre-schedule queries and responses so that they appear in the live chat box visible to your audience when they are needed. Alternatively, you may utilize pre-configured chat lines by using the time stamp in the event, or you can download and import the conversation history from another webinar into this evergreen webinar. You may further enhance interactions by responding to questions while the presentation continues, making your webinars both automated and live.

What is the Significance of Automated Webinars?

Attending a series of live webinars back-to-back may tax the body and mind. Think about owning a business and spending 60 minutes a day front and center on camera. This is where evergreen webinars come to the rescue. When it comes to automated webinars, you don’t have to worry about scheduling problems since they may be seen at any time of the day or night, regardless of your international audience’s time zone. As a company owner, you don’t have the luxury of having much spare time since everything operates on autopilot. Evergreen webinars are self-sustaining and do not require participation, so you may use this time to work on other tasks.

Webinars are like live sessions in that they allow you to reproduce the live setting for your audience, and you may also charge for it. Automated webinars that run on a regular schedule will bring in recurring money. Nearly flawless automation may be achieved with software like EverWebinar.


  • It simplifies and expedites the automation process.
  • In addition to the live chat stimulation, polls, surveys, quizzes, and other audience engagement options are available.
  • Everwebinar has sophisticated connectors like Drip, Mailchimp, and Zapier.
  • Setting up active offers with an urgency timeframe and a live sale count is feasible using a timestamp.


  • EverWebinar does not allow you to host a live webinar.
  • The thank-you page templates are out-of-date.
  • Monthly price options are not available.


Which is the Target Audience for Everwebinar?

B2B organizations, online developers, eCommerce shop owners, and anyone else with advice or training to provide use of Everwebinar’s automated webinar software.

Is EverWebinar a Good Tool??

Yes, EverWebinar is a great option for automated, hybrid webinars with a lot of audience engagement and marketing elements like active offers, countdown clocks, live chat stimulators, etc.

How can I Import Videos into EverWebinar?

You may use any MP4 video or your previous WebinarJam session, although Everwebinar Review recommends utilizing a Youtube video source.

What exactly is a Hotlink for One-Click Registration?

People already on your autoresponder email list may sign up for your webinar with only one click using a one-click registration hotlink.

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