Have you tried running Facebook ads before
and seen limited or no success at all?

Don’t worry, You’re not alone. Businesses all over the world are failing to maximize their marketing potential. Here’s why. They cut corners when it comes to Facebook advertising. Facebook is the most popular social platform with 2.2 billion active users every month. In reality, Facebook is the best tool out there for getting a return on your ad spend. If you’re reading this, you probably already understand why paid advertising on Facebook/IG is so effective, but just in case you’re unsure: – 

The average consumer spends 41 minutes a day on Facebook – 

It’s inexpensive – you can reach 1,000 people for as little as $20 in most areas – 

Out of all online and offline advertising mediums, Facebook has THE BEST targeting options available (other platforms don’t even come close)  And as it turns out, Facebook Marketing is a DAMN good way to make a whole lot of money without doing much of anything. 

My system is like having one of your best employees sitting in your office 24/7 promoting your business and trying to close new leads for you. 

I’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow and scale using FB ads. I specialize in one field (Facebook & Instagram Ads) and optimize for the only metric that matters – Return on Ad Spend (not vanity metrics likes/shares/reach) 

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on training and mentorship from the best of the best and have managed over $100,000 in ad spend. 

Each business & industry is different, so I won’t throw around Conversion Rates/ROAS statistics –  BUT… If you 

  • Have a quality offer
  • Can afford to spend money on advertising
  • AND you can follow-up with leads that are sent to you

Then I KNOW Facebook ads can work for you. 

I want to listen to you talk about your business, your customers, your product, your competitors, as well as what you’ve done with paid advertising in the past, that way we can discover if we’re a good fit.

So why do so many businesses insist on running their own substandard campaigns? 

That’s where I come in! I partner with your business to create marketing campaigns that CONVERT, and I work with a laser focus on your potential clients. 

This means NO MORE missed opportunities and NO MORE wasted cash.
Here’s what I can do for you:

  • Create profitable Facebook Ad campaigns
  • Find your perfect audience to increase your revenue
  • Maximize your ROI and boost your bottom line
  • Optimize your funnels and conversion rates
  • Manage your funnel and take you to the next level


Before we work together, I need to make sure we’re a good fit. Why? Because it’s not an honest days work for me without getting RESULTS. 

And I only work with people who… 

  1. I’m confident I can generate powerful results for… 
  2. And people who are passionate and willing to invest in growing their business. 

Remember, if you pay me $500, or $1500 or more… That means you’ll earn double or triple that amount from sales within your business! Don’t use cheap consultants for this. You’ll lose money and even worse you’ll lose TIME! Save yourself time, energy, and money. Don’t do that to yourself! If you spend weeks & months figuring out FB ads, then your business will fail. During the time it takes to figure FB ads out, your competitors will already be building more relationships, creating better products, and growing their business. That is why you don’t want to waste your time on trial and error, targeting, funnel design, ad structure, spending money on testing and much more. 

I’ve already spent the time and money to MASTER every detail of Facebook ads. 

You are most likely juggling so many hats already in your business, you don’t need to be handling your social media presence on your own too. So let me handle Social Media for you, that way you can focus on the other KPIs. 

Here are the next steps: 

Get on a FREE CONSULTATION CALL with me where we’ll discuss your business in-depth: I guarantee you’ll get ideas and a plan to implement for your campaign during this call. 

If we’re a good fit, I’ll craft a plan tailored to your specific situation that will ultimately cover any marketing costs.

I am a highly skilled and specialized digital marketer. I have extensive marketing, writing, and advertising experience. My focus right now is exclusively on Facebook ad campaigns for coaches and course creators. I’ve also been very good at getting good conversions for Shopify eCommerce stores.

My knack for data analysis and successfully communicating to a wide range of audiences has allowed me to build a proven track record of Facebook marketing strategy, development, and execution. 

In a nutshell, my main priority is to make my clients’ businesses experience rapid growth. 

In addition to my specialty skill set, I have a very high standard for the services that I provide for my clients. 

I have worked with multiple startups, so I am incredibly efficient, thorough, and autonomous; I appreciate tight deadlines and only deliver top quality work. 

Overall, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to making my clients happy and ensuring that my work has a very positive impact on their businesses. 

Ready to invest in Facebook ads with an expert? 

Interested in seeing how I can help YOUR business grow? 

Still Confused…

Check What People Are Saying.

“Every campaign runned with Ajay is massively successful,what I like about Aj is that he doesn’t only run ads but also helps to strategically plan marketing strategies, he helped me with the vision I have never thought of alone which is truly a blessing and I am extremely privileged to work with AJ.”

Dallas Gordan

“He helped me to actually build my email list, and also was able to convert them and send the prospects to my facebook group, so I am really happy to work with him, he is so patient, knowledgeable, he is really really awesome, so if you are looking for who knows what you are want, how to run profitable facebook ads and scale them, he is the one, my cpc was awesome and to the point.”

Julliet Walia

“Ajay is amazing, he has generated thousands of leads, he has grown my facebook group to thousand of people in a few weeks, he understand funnels and entire process. I personally highly recommend him.”

Don Ames

Changemakers and coaches are already getting results


Hamza Zaouali

Ajay is great, he showed great things on FB Ads, very patient and dedicated. Not to mention his proactivity, he cared about our campaign as if it was his. He gave a lot of effort and made sure I was 100% satisfied.

Habib Wicks

Extremely communicative and totally commitment to success

Nathalie Virem

Ajay Rai is changing the way conscious leaders grow a worldwide brand on social media that makes a meaningful impact in this world when they hire him.

Massive Results By Real People


Let’s hop on a free call, and help you set up a strategy to scale your business to $50K – $100K+ /month.

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