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When we give, it’s not all about a calculated donation. It’s also about making a difference.

God has given me two hands. I tend to use one for increasing my clients’ ROI and another for spreading happiness to the less fortunate. I have this strong belief about happiness emerging from giving more than taking. But can I alone help make the world a better place? Of course, not!

A changemaker is not necessarily a fictional superhero. You don’t have to wear a cape to be a hero when you can do so by bringing a smile on people’s faces. In fact, you are all creating a change when you invest in your own future. Think about it. You aspire for creating a business that can serve the society in some way besides providing you massive ROI.

Did you know that with every service purchased at my site you take one step forward to making someone’s life better? It’s a sad reality that while we sit in front of our computers in decent rooms, there is a whole faction out there starving for fundamental needs to survive.


Little Steps + Many Change Makers
= Big Changes

We live in a society and as a part of a community, everyone has a role to play. It doesn’t matter whether we are related to the hungry by blood. They’re human and we strive to improve life at every step possible.

Bringing Light Into The Treacherous World of Extreme Poverty

Just the other day, I saw a little boy looking for scraps of food in the garbage bin to feed his little sister. Like him, there are numerous little hands struggling to fend for their families in need. My heart goes out to them.

Their reality is more devastating than we can ever imagine. Our ideas and dreams are meant to enhance the quality of our lives. At the same time, they can shower those in need with golden rays of hope. I try my best to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor by donating a fraction of my profits towards the welfare of children and families in need.

A Treat of Happiness Indeed!

Imagine the rush of happiness you feel when you grab a scoop of your favorite flavor of ice cream. Well, don’t you think every little child is entitled to that happiness? The smiles on their faces say it all! Their contentment when we assure them a hearty meal is the gift of all.

It’s hard to picture the massive shortage of basic amenities a large section of people has to face. But there is no punishment harsher than the burning hunger they have to endure. I strive to ensure that I  play my part to the fullest in paving a way to a better world. 

As you avail my services for the betterment of your business, rest assured, every penny out of your hard-earned money is put to good use. All in all, along with improving lives with your product, you save lives by feeding the hungry.

Full Transparency

To ensure that your money is going into the right hands,
I personally take donation tours to spread the joy!


While you gain the most out of your business with my services, you create a ripple of kindness by supporting someone in need of joy!

Don’t miss the opportunity for 100% success

A fundamental requirement that affects the development of all economies all around the world is education. The improvement of the weakest in society should be seen in the intellectual health of people, especially girl children.

130 million females worldwide are currently not in schools. The majority of third-world nations restrict girls from receiving a decent education for a variety of reasons, including poverty, ignorance, child marriage, and extreme religiosity forbidding girls from attending school and becoming financially and emotionally independent.

The objective of improving education for young girls and women is taken up by several NGOs and other humanitarian organisations.

Some Challenges

The main obstacle to female education is poverty. There are other additional financial expenses involved in getting an education which frequently discourages the families of the girls. Poor families avoid enrolling their daughters in schools because of the high cost of supplies, bus fares, and other expenses.

Additionally, the World Bank reports that poverty is still the biggest contributor to illiteracy. Other resources like textbooks, clothing, and transportation options are as crucial to making education accessible to all students.

Early marriage is a significant problem in many nations. According to UNICEF, 700 million women worldwide are married off before turning 18 years old. In Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, 4 out of 10 females get married before they finish their schooling. Early pregnancy, marital abuse, and other consequences are only a few of the major problems that result from child marriage.

Domestic Housework
Research found that girls worldwide spend 40% of their time on unpaid household tasks including cooking and cleaning, among other things. In developing nations, girls between the ages of 14-20 bear a higher share of the burden of domestic duties than boys do. More time spent on housework eventually results in less time for school.

How Can NGOs Strengthen the Education of Girls?
Around India and the world, there are several NGOs that support girl child education and work closely with those in need. NGOs contribute in a number of ways to improve girl education globally.

Promoting Awareness Through an NGO Website
NGOs engage in activities that aid in promoting girl child education and making people aware of its significance, the benefits it can have for their families, and how it can make them stronger both socially and economically.

The majority of the most disadvantaged social groups aren’t aware of the benefits that education may have on society. Because of this, it may be challenging for them to educate girls.

NGOs and other advocacy/service-based groups must create a public understanding of the need for girl child education and learning. These activities needs planning in areas where the literacy rates of girls and women are particularly low.

Offering Professional Opportunities
Free education for girls should not just cover the fundamentals; it should also provide them access to future opportunities, career coaching, and the freedom to apply their learnings in areas in which they thrive.

Lack of work chances can be discouraging and convey the message that education does not guarantee job security, thus in order to put their education degrees to good use, they need to find a vocation and employment opportunities.

The objective should be to empower and make women of every age self-sufficient, and this should involve livelihood training, interview preparations, and placements.

Free Education
NGOs receive funding from a variety of individual and corporate partners utilised to give females free education. The provision of books, food, and amenities like clean water, power, and furniture in schools are only a few of the many other features of free education. They also award deserving students with scholarships for their achievements.

Workshops for Skill Development
In addition to providing basic education, NGOs should provide a number of workshops for skill development. A variety of skill development training/workshops help young girls and women advance their talents and achieve financial independence.

The abilities they possess later on open doors to job prospects, enable them to launch their own businesses, and take complete control of their lives.

Women of all ages have a right to basic and high-quality education. This is true regardless of their age. Many women throughout the world never got the chance to attend school and get a good education. But we can reverse that.

All ages should be encouraged to pursue an education and taught a variety of skills that can help them become independent and economically robust.

I am writing to share a heartfelt story, one that embodies the essence of hope, determination, and the transformative power of education. In the heart of Buxar district, Bihar, I have witnessed the unwavering spirit of young girls aged between 8-17, determined to shape their futures against all odds. These girls belong to the scheduled tribes, facing economic hardships that threaten their dreams of education.

In the midst of this challenge, I, as an entrepreneur, am on a mission to change their narratives. I firmly believe that education is not just a tool for personal development but a catalyst for societal progress. Every child, regardless of their background, deserves a chance to learn, dream, and aspire for a better future.

The difficulty we face is stark and clear: poverty has woven a web around these bright minds, limiting their access to even the most basic necessities of education. Lack of school fees, proper dresses, books, and essential supplies further widens the gap. But together, we can bridge this gap and offer these girls the support they need.

Our goal is ambitious but crucial – we aim to provide support to at least 1000 girls in the form of educational kits. These kits, costing us Rs. 2000 each, include everything these girls need to attend school with dignity and pride. From uniforms that instill a sense of belonging to books that open the doors of knowledge, and from school bags that carry their dreams to essential supplies that fuel their learning journey – every item in these kits is a stepping stone toward a brighter tomorrow.

We humbly ask for your help. Your contribution can change lives, not just for these girls but for the entire community. Your support can break the chains of poverty and ignorance, paving the way for a generation that will bring positive change to their families, villages, and beyond.

Please donate generously and share our campaign far and wide. Let’s come together and be the difference these girls desperately need. Your support is not just an investment in their education; it’s an investment in a future where every girl can thrive and contribute meaningfully to the world.

Thank you for your kindness, compassion, and belief in the power of education.

Warm regards

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