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DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson is an invaluable guide for those looking to launch and grow an online business. Through the book, Brunson shares the secrets he has learned over the years in the world of online business. He goes into detail about how to build a successful website, create an automated marketing system, and generate leads and sales. He also covers topics such as SEO, web design, social media marketing, and customer service. Brunsons indepth knowledge and practical advice make this book a mustread for anyone looking to start or enhance their online business.

Let’s get right into DotCom Secrets Book Review! But first, tell me what do successful online marketers do differently than others? Can their actions be generalized for the masses? Can applying their techniques also benefit me as an online marketer? 

Well, many questions pop up in our minds whenever we come to know about any successful digital entrepreneur. And why not, after all, whosoever is entering into the field of marketing has the aspiration of being successful, earn money, or become famous.

But the big question is how can we get to know the secrets of those successful business owners?

If you are a newbie in the field of digital marketing, you may contemplate gaining experience by joining an online firm or taking some costly training programs. As an experienced dot-com entrepreneur you must be amused if any secret keys can unlock the doors of your good fortunes? Well yes, your experience is showing you the right path!

Young merchants, your experienced counterparts have got the right idea of finding out the secret keys.

But how to get them? Where to get them? Who possesses those secret keys?

Cool down, cool down…

I will tell you everything about those secret keys in this DotCom Secrets Book Review . Yes, everything. If you are genuinely interested, we will begin our journey to find those secret keys kept in the wallet of Russel Brunson!

Russel Brunson? Are you talking about the CickFunnels man?

Yes, precisely!

Russel Brunson:

The Owner of the Secret Keys of the DotCom World

DotCom Secrets Book Review

It won’t be an exaggeration if you call Russel Brunson the iceberg of the dotcom world.

What does this mean?

It means that what you see of him, or what you know about him is too little compared to what is hidden and unknown about Russell!

How so?

Russell is a part of an underground group of businessmen who do not reveal their identities much too often. And therefore what all you see of them is only their company’s name getting featured in the top INC 500 list as one of the most rapidly growing companies in the world.

To attain this distinguishable feat within a short period of five years of the inception of their company is exceptional. And to be silent about this great achievement is rare and even more remarkable!

You might be knowing Russell as the ClickFunnels-man, some others recognize him as the creator of OFA Challenge, while many of us regard him as one of the best digital marketing authors.

It can be debatable which identity describes Russell Brunson the best. But I will not like to participate in the debate as I know with my own experience with Russell that by the time you conclude your debate he will reveal some other trait of his personality.

And I carry this image of Russell since the time I read his first bestseller.

Which book are you talking about?

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DotCom Secrets Book Review-

The First Bestseller by Russell Brunson

As I told you that since I read the first book authored by Russell I could realize that he had a lot of elements hidden inside him and that is why I called him the iceberg of the dotcom world.

Before reading DotCom Secrets in 2016, I considered myself to be the big boss of the dot com world. DotCom Secrets made me humble. The book converted me from being the master of the online world to be the most curious student of digital marketing. The book showed me many hidden facets of e-marketing. Learning those secrets made me realize how much I was losing as an entrepreneur all these years!

The book made me humble for one more reason and that is Russell’s way of narrating the secrets. It was impressive, no doubt about it. But more than getting impressed by the narration, I really wondered how someone could understand such deep, intricate, and subtle secrets and present them in such a simple way to make them look so obvious! These are not some simple secrets but after you learn about them you amuse yourself as to how you could miss them!

Russell kept the book very simple to follow for the obvious reason that the book is not an action thriller to entertain you but a playbook that needs to be executed as you read through. It is a practical handbook that holds your hand and guides you towards the path of success.

One very obvious question I could see crossing your mind and that I genuinely want to answer:

Is “DotCom Secrets” still Relevant?

A very valid question considering the fast and rapid changes occurring in the online world and also with the constant changes in the marketing strategies and techniques. Four to five years is really a big-time span for any concept to lose relevance in today’s fast-paced world. But not for those who can visualize the future, not for those who have the futuristic approach, and not for those who create the new paths and set the trends.

DotCom Secret is a trendsetter in the field of online marketing. There are very few books that deal with the contemporary aspects of the field yet never lose their relevance with changing times. DotCom Secret is like the fundamentals or the Universal Laws that never change with time.

“But how can he say this?” Did you ask this?

Well, I knew that this highly relevant question would come from you. But not to answer this question that I read DotCom Secrets now. Well, I will reveal a secret about this book of secrets that I had learned as soon as I began reading it. I had very early realized that this book is not a one-time-read-and-leave type and since then I keep the book as a reference book all the time with me and still search for the answer to my business situations.

However, to maintain its relevance, Russell has come up with a 2nd edition of the book which is more contemporary and relevant for the present time than the first.

DotCom Secrets Book Review

As the name suggests DotCom Secrets talks about the secrets of the dot-com business. It is the simplest way to describe the book. And it wouldn’t require a review to be written on the book on the topic as everyone wants to know the secret of online business.

But unfortunately, there are so many inferior publications on the topic that to distinguish a classic work from the host of cheap and mediocre stuff, it is important to tell about it. And it is out of compassion that I decided to share it with you all. 

I said earlier that DotCom Secrets is not an action thriller. But yes, it is a book that requires action. You don’t read the book to vicariously enjoy the thrilling actions of someone else called the main character. But yes, you directly enjoy your own actions and become the main character of this truly thrilling real-life story. Russell has not written a script for you to act on, but he has written on how to create your own script and live it.

At this juncture, I wish to emphasize one important point. The title of the book and most of the terminologies used in it relate mostly to online marketing. But it is only to remain in alignment with the language of the most trending business model of today’s time. And as the fundamentals of both online and offline businesses remain the same, the book is equally useful for offline marketers as for their online counterparts. Furthermore, DotCom Secrets is most valuable for those who presently run offline businesses and plan to transit to digital marketing.

As I read through the book, I could very easily relate to the words written by Dan Kennedy in the foreword of the book:

“In truth, this is a proven playbook for growing your company with effective lead generation and sales/conversion methods, which can be used online and offline.”

Coming to the contents of DotCom Secrets, Russell begins the book with the most fundamental pillars of digital marketing- ladders and funnels. From there he takes you through identifying the customers, communicating with them effectively, and creating a strong customer base. The books then deal with the more advanced concepts of funnels like different phases of funnels and their building blocks.

It explains in detail the frontend, middle, and backend funnel scripts before finally handing over the most precious gift of online marketing to you- the ClickFunnels.

Each section is filled with the most glittering gems of advice, highly valuable actionable suggestions, and proven methods to create your own story, your own path, and your very own itinerary.

However, when we deal with the fundamentals of the business, we cannot ignore the most fundamental question that may come to your mind and that is:

Is “DotCom Secrets” For Me?

Not necessarily. It depends on what you want to gain in your business and your life.

I can tell you who all will benefit from reading this book and who will not.

If you are doing a business or a part of a business or plan to start a business or to be a part of it or have a business idea or believe that you will get a business idea, DotCom Secrets is for you.

In case you are a product owner or plan to be one or you are an affiliate or plan to be one, DotCom Secrets is for you.

If you believe in learning new traits or believe in taking challenges or ready to steal knowledge from others, DotCom Secrets is for you.

However, if you don’t believe in learning new traits, or don’t believe in taking challenges, or don’t want to learn through second-hand experience, DotCom Secrets is NOT for you.

Those who want to learn everything through their first-hand experience only, won’t get much worthwhile in the book except that they will still refresh some old business concepts and learn some new ones that may be helpful if they choose to apply them in their business situations.

And most obviously, if you don’t have or plan to have a business, a product, or a business idea, DotCom Secrets is NOT for you.

DotCom Secrets is NOT for those who choose to do the hard work the HARDER way. It is for those who want to do the hard work the SMARTER way.

So, once you realize that the book is for you, the next question is about the basic learnings that you will get from reading DotComSecrets. Let us get the answer to this one, as well:

DotCom Secrets Book Review:

What will be the Most Basic Learnings?

What is the most basic requirement of running a successful business?

It should be sustainable. It should stand the test of time.

What do you need to have sustainability in your business?

Ability to create a continuous demand for products or services that you offer, is it not? You can alternatively say- to have never-ending traffic to your business.

Building a strong foundation, having a futuristic approach, and adapting to new situations are the three main requirements to have the incessant traffic and to create sustainability in your business. All of this requires you to learn some basic and advanced skill sets. It requires you to learn certain tools and develop the ability to use them appropriately. It also requires some proven and tested secret keys, which we talked about in the very beginning, to unlock many doors that hide an abundance of treasures behind them.

DotCom Secrets teaches you these skill sets, these tools, and these secret keys.

And skills to apply them suitably is the most basic learning that Russel Brunson promises to offer you through the DotCom Secrets.

So, if you are a newbie your basic learnings will hover around building a solid foundation for your business.

If you are an established entrepreneur it will teach you how to adapt to new situations and remain relevant in the changing times.

The book will guide you to remain stable and poised yet moving during the transition towards growth and capitalize on the opportunities of the growing market conditions.

Many books seem to offer similar content as DotCom Secrets but lack the practicality and the approach. Through its unique secret keys, DotCom Secrets guides you to scale up your business rapidly yet effortlessly. 

DotCom Secrets Book Review:

Is reading Expert Secrets or Traffic Secrets, not Enough?

Let us find it out by comparing the content and approach of each one of them. All the three books though deal with the same subject, the offerings differ in their treatment of the subject. On certain topics, they talk in the same language, endorsing each other while on some others they complement each other by discussing different aspects of the same subject.

DotCom Secrets deal more with structuring your business. Communicating your message effectively gets more emphasis in the book than focusing on building a loyal community as in the case of Expert Secrets.

Ideally speaking, and as also suggested by Russell, reading DotCom Secrets after Expert Secrets will enhance your business results by manifold. It is because once you have built your own loyal tribe, it is easy to pass on the message about your offering and its benefits to them.

The Expert Secrets set the tone for helping yourself by helping others and DotCom Secrets helps in building a strong structure on that basic premise.

Traffic Secrets on the other hand is a playbook that hovers around generating traffic to your websites through funnels.

As I have read all three books, I won’t suggest you skip anyone if you are serious about what you want to gain by reading this very book- the DotCom Secrets. Reading the other two will only consolidate your learnings and understanding and provide a more concrete foundation to build a sustainable business for you. 

DotCom Secrets Book Review: Diving deep into the Secrets

DotCom Secrets Book Review

So, after getting a clear idea about whether to read the book or not, now is the time to know what exactly is included in the Dotcom Secrets, and how it is structured and organized.

The book is divided into four different sections.

We will review each of these sections in detail along with 28 secret keys that they reveal. So, here we go with the first section of the book:

#1: Sales Funnel Secrets

DotCom Secrets Book Review

In this section, Russell hands you over seven secret keys from identifying your customers to connecting with them as, when, and how much you want.

#1: The Secret Formula

Once you are clear about your business direction, you can provide your customers with suitable solutions that they will readily accept and buy. Secret #1 find answers to four important questions. These questions deal with identifying your dream customers, genuine ways to attract them, and your offerings to your clients.

#2: Hook, Story, Offer

Creating curiosity about your offering adds value to what you are going to give them. And if this could be done from the very beginning of the ladder, it makes them crave your products or services. If you can offer them their solution throughout the value ladder, it’s a win-win for both you and your customer. They get what they were searching for and you earn in the process of fulfilling their needs.

#3: The Value Ladder
DotCom Secrets Book Review

It is their will to buy your products or services, that will convert a random client into a loyal customer. If you realize one of the most simple yet largely ignored phenomena that when you sell one product, you don’t actually sell only one product, you sell a lot more than that. But it all depends on your value ladder. Once you understand this secret, you keep your entire value ladder in place.

And then it is a shift from taking the customer up the ladder to guiding them to enter inside the sales funnel. Here is where you get the maximum profitability when you can guide your customer from dealing with low-cost products to willingly paying for your high-end products.

#4: The Attractive Character
DotCom Secrets Book Review

I can very confidently say that this secret caused a paradigm shift in my business journey. At first, I didn’t believe what I read. Going over it one more time left me agape! My Goodness, what a marvelous gem Russell has extracted!

He exposes the secret completely through “5 identities” and guides you to master the art of showcasing yourself as an attractive character so that customers find you, like you, and even more than that… follow you and not the other way round of you chasing your customers incessantly!

#5: Pioneers- Funnel Hacking

This secret again caught me off-guard. It is again contrary to the value that we give to the pioneers in any field. Though being a pioneer may add jewels to your crown, it is one of the costliest ways to get those jewels.

Pioneers have to invest a lot of their time in learning, failing, and picking up again. Russell warns against starting your entrepreneurship journey as a pioneer. He rather suggests beginning your travel with the already established and working market.

#6: Seven Phases of a Funnel
DotCom Secrets Review

Creating the kind of experience for your customer can make a difference in the number of zeros that you add on the right of your business figure. A powerful experience that you create for your customers makes them come along with you through different funnels.

It is interesting to know about the seven phases of a funnel that every customer has to pass through and how treating your traffic from one phase of the funnel to the other makes a big difference in their experience with your business.

How does it translate into executing this information on the web field? Understanding this secret will help you in creating the right type of traffic that will cause the successful conversion of your leads.

#7: Follow-up Funnels

This is the biggest secret of earning passive income. This is the beginning of reaping the fruits of your hard work smartly. After you have won the trust of your audience, now you can reach out to your clients as per your plans. When, how, and how much is now decided in your premise. And the best part is that you do not need to fear losing your business despite some of the visitors leaving your funnel.

#2: The Funnels in the Value Ladder

You get ten more secret keys in this section unwrapping different funnels from Front-end Lead Funnels to Back-end Phone Funnels.

Front-End Lead Funnels

Front-end lead funnels reveal three big secrets in the name of:

8: Lead “Squeeze” Funnels

9: Survey Funnels

10: Summit Funnels

These three funnels detail three different funnel strategies. While one leverages the curiosity aspect of the customers, the other two suggest how to differentiate among customers and increase your lead list respectively.

While revealing the Lead Sqeeze funnel secret Russell elaborates on how to create just the perfect lead. Generating curiosity in the customer’s mind is the art that you get to learn here. The customers share their mailing addresses to know what they are curious about and thus take forward their journey one funnel forward.

The Survey Funnel secret key opens the lock of yet another knowledge room and describes how you can segregate your customers into different pools based on the needs and other information that you receive from them. This helps you in creating a customized message for each group of customers.

The third secret i.e. Summit Funnel is a great way to connect with people and increase your lead list. In a quick time, you can multiply your lead numbers and with no extra cost. Russell spends quite a time explaining this secret.

Unboxing Funnels

These funnels too have three secrets to expose:

11: Book Funnels

12: Cart Funnels

13: Challenge Funnels

These three all-important secret funnels take you a few steps further to multiply your leads, converting them into customers, guiding them to buy in plenty, and getting rid of not-so-interested clients.

Winning customers through the Book Funnel is a great way to crack the bulk of leads without spending a penny on your ads. This is one of the smartest ways to outsmart your competitor and Russell elaborates this concept in great detail so that you don’t miss the core. 

Cart Funnels is the simplest-looking funnel yet requires a much deeper understanding of the psychology and behavior patterns of your leads and clients. Once understood, there is no looking back and the whole experience is of holding the hand of the customer and walking along with them through the alley while they fill their cart with their desirable products.

Challenge Funnels is a wonderful way of working with and only with the right customers. Throwing a challenge almost instantly filters out the clients who are fit for your purpose. It is healthy for all-you and your genuine as well as not-so-interested customers. 

DotCom Secrets Book Review:

Presentation and Back-End Phone Funnels

Presentation funnels bring out three critical secrets for any offline or online business while Russell reveals one more secret key for the Back-End Phone Funnels:

14: Video Sales Letter Funnels

15: Webinar Funnels

16: Product launch Funnels

17: Application Funnels

These are the three must-have keys in your bunch of secret keys. The trio works magically to unleash the potential of any business. These three secrets are the old keys in new avatars. They deal in engaging your audience, collecting them in one place and filling them up with high energy, and yearning to buy your products right there.  

Video Sales Letters keep your audience with you for a significant duration. The method is not a new one but how Russell reveals the secret of keeping them constructively captivated is unique.

Those 15 or more minutes are truly yours to establish the right communication with your client to provide them with the right information about your product, erase all their objections and initiate and close the sales deal bringing in huge value to the conversation.

If Video Sales Letters Funnel is a more one-on-one form of client interaction. The Webinar Funnels deal with multiple audiences at a time. You get a wonderful opportunity to showcase your offering to a big population through presentations. It’s a great way to guide your audience and lead them to buy your products then and there.

Through Webinar Funnels you still have an indirect way of creating sales, the Product Launch Funnels directly deal with the products. According to Russell, this is one of the most energy raising events where the customers are highly enthusiastic to buy your products.

What better deal for the customer than to have the eligibility for the high ticket offers! The Application Funnels are, however, not easy to create but one of the best ways to apply if you’re dealing with products and services over $3000. I know this first hand with my own experience. But after reading DotCom Secrets, I find this funnel one of the easiest ways to bring revenue to the business as a lump sum and in a quick time.

#3: Funnel Scripts

Dotcom secrets

This section is the executing field of what all you learn in the earlier sections. Russell takes us to the real business situation in these eight funnel scripts. The section talks about the scripts of the funnels described in Section #2.

Front-End Lead Funnel Scripts

Secrets #18 is one of the secrets of Front-End Lead Funnel Scripts that teaches you to create such unique headlines. It makes sure that your customer cannot resist their temptations to know more about it. Russell in his unique style tells us how to make the customer click the next button. And this is when every time you want them to press it.

The other secret of the Front-End Lead Funnel Scripts is Secret #19 which prompts you to ask the 3 Ws and 1 H of sales. The “Who, What, Why, and How” Script directs your clientele to visit different pages of your site to satisfy their curiosity about your products to eventually participate in any of your business activities.

Registering in a webinar or product launch event or shopping for low-ticket products can be a few of these favorable actions.

Unboxing Funnel Scripts

The best kind of selling is when your customers themselves find a long-awaited solution in your product. But does it happen on its own or you can facilitate the happening? No, it doesn’t happen on its own. And it also does not happen if you try to do it in a way different than suggested by Russell in his Secret Key #20.

Yes, this is one of the most unique keys I found on the whole list. Russel calls it “Star, Story, Solution” Script. Creating genuine stories around your products and services that appeal to your client emotionally. And convince them that they can provide them the solution is the sure way of striking a deal through indirect involvement in the process.

Secret Key #21 in the funnel scripts unravels the key that calls for quick one-to-one interaction with your customers. And to add low-ticket products to the buying list of the customer who has just bought products from your shop.

Presentation and Back-End Funnel Scripts

The section ends with the four secrets under the Presentation Funnel Scripts and Back-End Funnel Scripts: Secrets #22: Perfect Webinar Script

23: The Product Launch Script.

24: Four -Question Close Script.

25: Setter and Close Scripts.

#4: Building Your Funnel

Russell comes to his most favorite topic of ClickFunnels in Secret #26. In this section with two more secrets of Funnel Stacking (secret #27) and Funnel Audibles (secret #28).

He wraps up the book by explaining how to quickly build a multitude of funnels without being tech-savvy, how to properly stack them to give you maximum yield per customer and how to check for the efficiency and effectiveness of your funnels and correct them if needed.

DotCom Secrets Book Review-

The Highs and the Lows

Apart from the content of a book, the benefits of reading a particular book depends a lot on the reader. However, readers with similar objectives find many common positives and negatives of the book. Here are some of the pros and cons in our DotCom Secrets Book Review that I could find out after reading the book.

What do I get if I read DotCom Secrets?

DotCom Secrets
  1. DotCom Secrets is available for free. 
  2. It molds you into a success mindset. Each Secret Key opens up many different doors that fill you with a lot of confidence in attaining success.
  3. The book is useful for both online and offline marketers.
  4. The book has all the elements to benefit newbies as well as experienced entrepreneurs.
  5. Concepts of value ladder and funnel have been explained in a very simple way.
  6. You can learn and apply different Funnel Scripts in your business to grow profitability.
  7. The book teaches you how to be benefitted from the fruitful combination of hard work and smart work.

What would I lose if I read DotCom Secrets?

  1. You lose a few dollars as the shipping cost.
  2. Either you should be having a business to get the full benefit of the book or should be planning to start one. It won’t be helpful if you are not a businessman already or do not have any business ideas.
  3. Reading the book in itself is not enough, you need to apply the concepts in your business to reap its benefits.
  4. It is not useful if you are not ready to do some initial hard work. 

DotCom Secrets Book Review:


Russell has generously made the DotCom Secrets book available for FREE. He is only charging for the shipping cost which is $9.95 within the US and $19.95 internationally.

By buying from the sales page of the official website of DotCom Secrets you won’t have to spend any extra expenses. 

Free Bonuses With DotCom Secrets

By ordering the DotCom Secrets from the official website you get different bonuses to make your reading experience even more enriching. Besides, you can also access many useful videos to help you with quicker growth.

  1. The 3 Core Funnels eBook (Value: $47.00)
  2. 108 Split Test Winners eBook (Value: $47.00)
  3. Network Marketing Secrets eBook (Value: $47.00)
  4. Funnel Audibles (Value: $97.00)
  5. 30 Day DotCom Secrets Challenge (Value: $97.00)

DotCom Secrets Book Review: Summary

Every book has a unique flavor that it transfers to its readers. DotCom Secrets is unique in the sense that Russell has incorporated many different flavors in the book.

The concepts and the practicality go in unison. At the same time, Russell keeps the book so engaging that you don’t realize that you are reading an informative book and not a book meant for fun and leisure.

As you go through different Secret Keys, you feel like opening up door after door of success. Each secret key has magic that keeps it ever new every time you refer to it. And that is why DotCom Secrets is not a one-time read but a reference manual to be kept with you at all times.

After reading the book you realize why DotCom Secrets Book #1 Best Seller is loved by one and all! After going through the book you will compassionately think about how to promote the DotCom Secrets book to as many people as possible. I have this straightforward way of sharing the book with you all. You can choose your favorite way of sharing it with others.

Frequently Asked Questions About DotCom Secrets Book Review


Here are some questions which many budding and experienced entrepreneurs ask about the book. You may also find your question answered in one of these FAQs:

Where can I purchase the DotCom Secrets book?

You can purchase the DotCom Secrets book at the official site of the book by paying the applicable shipping charges to place the order.

Is there a PDF version of DotCom Secrets?

No, there is no  PDF version of the book available anywhere. 

Where can I get the Audiobook of DotCom Secrets?

You can get the audiobook of DotCom Secrets too on the official website of the book.

Can I become a ClickFunnels affiliate?

Yes, you can become a ClickFunels affiliate. As a ClickFunnel affiliate,  you can also earn a commission of up to 40% when any customer purchases any of the ClickFunnels products.

You can return the book to get a 100% refund of your shipping cost that you paid while buying the book.

You can return the book to get a 100% refund of your shipping cost that you paid while buying the book.

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