How to Write Good Ad Copy for Your Online Course Ads?

One of the ridiculously difficult things to do is How to Write Good Ad Copy.

This is arguably one of the most vital skills needed for a digital marketer! But it seems to be one of the least practiced and developed skills as well.

Most of the marketers keep themselves busy with sharing content, blog writing and networking with industry influencers and fellow marketers.

All of this does contribute to having a digital strategy, but until you have mastered the art of ad copy and writing sales, you are missing out on several opportunities. 

Just think about it, what is the one reason responsible for the existence of your brand? To be able to Sell. 

And you need to educate your clients about that. Brand recognition is crucial. You might be having the largest following in your country, but in case they don’t buy anything, you will be facing a difficult time to survive in your business. 

While writing a Good Ad copy for the online course can be difficult, there is the right approach to it.

This means that it is certainly possible! In this blog, we shall be discussing the ways to write a Good Ad copy for the online course Ads across varied channels and platforms!

How to Write Good Ad Copy: Best tips for writing great Ad Copy that sells your Online Course

How to Write Good Ad Copy.

The major goal for Great Ad copy is creating content for selling something. This can be a new marketing service, a sponsorship opportunity, software, or some other product.

While the landing pages are mostly the first kind of copywriting that marketers have in mind, this is not the only place where Ad Copy is vital. 

The creation of ads for the top search engines like Twitter, Facebook there is a need for understanding the major elements involved with copywriting and is important equally.

The shorter your message is the more time investment is needed for making sure each element is well focused on. 

Regardless of the platform on which the Ad Copy gets presented there are top universal elements considered critical for having a successful Ad Copy that will sell. 

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1. Imitate the objective of the user:

Understand that no one will be clicking on an Ad thinking that’s an amazing ad. They will be clicking on it when they think they have a solution to a problem that they are facing.

Till now, this is one of the most effective ways in your copywriting to be included. That is trying to mirror the goal that the user has in their mind in your Ad copy. 

For instance, if the user wants to sell their old car and you have a business-related with it, ‘ we want to buy your old car’ will be a perfect ad when they search the query on the search engine.

This kind of headline is going to reflect perfectly what the user had been trying to achieve. They want to sell the vehicle and your business wants to purchase. Then there is also a need for an additional second headline that talks about some extra benefits when going or your service. 

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Make sure that the description is such that it highlights the simplicity of the entire procedure and the bonus of something like quick service from you. For example- We shall pay you right now!! And so on. 

In case if you choose to do this, make sure that the user’s end goal is set in mind while writing the Ad Copy for your online course. Make the prospect realize that their learning problem gets solved when they will use your business services. 

2. Try including Statistics or numbers in the Headline

Know that the advertisers are going to practically do everything that will help you click on the ads. But all that is needed for making life easier is removing all nonsense and getting right on point.

One of the best ways to do so is by including facts, statistics, and numbers in the Ad Copy. Also, try to include this in the headline. 

For instance, if you have an insurance business try writing:

  • $120 Cheap Vehicle Insurance or
  • $ 15 Cheap bike insurance

Understand that the above examples are not just to be used in your headline but also to the body of the copy too. Regardless of your Online course is famous or not, such an ad will surely help gain recognition.

In your Ad copy try to ad compelling figures that will make the user curious and interested. 

This is one technique that can be extremely effective in making sure that the ad stands out, but make sure you are using it carefully. Let’s take another example:

  • $ 1.99 custom T-shirts

Theoretically, this does seem like a Good Ad as it does mention the figures in the first line itself. But it also raises some questions like, what cheap quality these t-shirts might be. 

Or people might think that this is such an affordable option but how great can these be? Now, this is a hypothetical scenario but it will be true if you won’t focus on such points in your online course ad. 

Understand that most possible clients do have a generalized idea of the amount they will be willing to pay for a course that you are offering. This is way before they even click on your Ad copy.

Therefore try including statistics and figures in the ads that will help them go for a decision while they compare your Ad copy with the one that your competitor has. 

3. Try Appealing To The Sense Of Power That User Has:

This can sound as If you are preying on prospects’ selfishness, as it is exactly that.  We are currently living in a society that’s selfish and people do carry this false sense of entitlement.

As bad it can be, this can be a good opportunity for the advertisers that are savvy enough for being able to benefit from it. For instance, the number 1 lawyer in a lawyer instantly capitalizes on this entitlement. This is a kind of technique that makes the users feel as if they will own something big. It can provoke this emotional reaction. 

4. Have some emotional triggers in Ad Copy:

Especially online, people tend to take the desired action when they are triggered for an emotional response. The principle is creating a clickbait for your online course that’s so effective that people when seeing it. Have this strong reaction for it and they just click on it.

This is also one of the techniques Make sure that it triggers a positive reaction for the prospects.

Understand that some of the negative emotions can work for you as well. This can be fear, anger, and even disgust. 

5. Create some unique display URLs with keywords:

A lot of advertisers also overlook the impact that the display URL might make for the ad Copy success. The newcomers might not even know that the display URL and destination URL are two different things. 

Display URL has two major purposes

  • This can make something interesting as well as relevant to your Ad copy.
  • And it should have the main keyword.

In case there are no keywords in your destination URL, the ad will still be seen on the search result if you are including it on the URL display. 

6. Best Copy has to be prioritized:

Last year, Google had responded to the consumer device size growth and the instant solution demands by expanding the text ads. They had added an extra headline of 30 characters and 90 for the description lines. 

At release, they had reported that the new around 400 character text ad had been driving 15 percent of the clicks for all advertisers. This does sound perfect, isn’t it?

Well, almost! The addition of 100 more characters in the text ads, seems great but will not universally translate to all devices. In some of the smaller devices like mini-tablets and smartphones, the screen is not able to accommodate the second description and the third line. 

Therefore when writing the ad copy, you should have the best copy at the beginning of the 2 headlines and the description line one. This is a way for making sure that a compelling message is served to the users regardless of the device they are using. 

While searching for the same query from your PC and smartphone the headlines can get shorter. So keep this factor in mind.  

7. Having Pre-emptive response for common Objections:

Even if you had been operating in a market heavily crowded and has several competitors must o the times the choice between the competitor and you narrows down on 2 factors.

The cost of your online course ads and the hassle it offers. Fortunately while writing a good Ad copy, you can answer both of these queries beforehand. This can be done by adding the cost in the headline. And using words like secure, simple, instant, and easy in your description lines. 

8. Shift Focus on the Advantages:

Keep in mind how we had discussed the selfish society that we are living in? This is an aspect that shouldn’t be away from the mind while you write the Ad copy. No one cares how perfect the course is. People, care only about how things in their life get easier when they take your service. 

When you try to write a good Ad Copy, there is a need to spend attention on the benefits. This is one of the points that a lot of people don’t focus on but can immensely impact the ad quality.

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How to Write Good Ad Copy: Final Words

When you are looking forward to becoming a good copywriter, you will have to understand that it will take some time. But it’s not an impossible task.

Although digital marketers must make sure that they are developing the capability for being able to write all forms of Ad Copy, initiate with the focus on your niche. Then with time as you get comfortable, this can be expanded to some of the other platforms as well!

In case you feel that you are not able to write the type of Ad copy that is required for your business growth. There are two options available:

You can hire a professional that will be able to develop the needed content. Or you will have to spend some more time on becoming an expert in copywriting yourself. 

Once your Online course has the presence of a Good Ad copy. So plan well, manage and execute the social media campaigns well and your business is sure to reach new heights. 

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