Yesterday my sister told me that she had to order one product on AMAZON while the festival season, but she left adding the product to cart, she was amazed to tell me that she was seeing the same product ads on facebook and even the websites she was visiting.

The product ads was striking his mind again and again reminding her that this was the same product you wanted to buy and somehow you forgot and she finally brought it.

Amazing isn’t it.

But this is not magic, this is the job of facebook pixel.

So don’t be surprised whenever you view any product or go to any website and you start seeing their ads on facebook that’s the magic of facebook pixel. 

Don’t worry I will explain you each and every thing about facebook pixel and how you can use it to bring tremendous results in your marketing.

What all I will cover in this post

  • What is Facebook pixel
  • Why do we need Facebook pixel
  • How to install it on our website
  • How to manage our Facebook pixel and conversions

What is facebook pixel?

Facebook pixel is an analytical tool that advertisers use to track visitors between facebook and their website basis action and behaviour they perform on our website.

It is small piece of javascript code that we install on our website. It looks like the image below.

Facebook pixel is basically used to understand the actions of people they take on our website and retarget them basis the funnel steps they are into.

Whenever someone visits our website the facebook pixels fire and this is why we can create a better audience basis the people’s behavior and engagement to see how we can improve our marketing by optimizing our ads and audience using facebook pixel.

If you are not using the facebook pixel then you are loosing a lot of opportunities and data which are highly beneficial for optimizing your marketing KPI.

It allows us to deliver our message to the right audience at the right time. Once facebook pixel is installed in our website, it starts tracking our visitors behavior like-

  • Specific pages they visit on our website
  • Devices of browsing
  • Time spend

So actually do these things matters?

Yes they do matter a lot, because basis them we can create better facebook ads and get good results.

Why do we need facebook pixel

Facebook pixel has power to give us detailed overviewed information of the users on our website, that we can use to create ads on facebook, as well as offering the right thing to right audience at the right time basis actions they take on our website.

Using facebook pixel we are actually allowing pixel to track the user engagement and behavior on our website, which is very helpful in reaching out to consumers who are most likely to convert.

If you are not running facebook ads then also install it and gather the data of customers and users on our website and you can use this data whenever you want.

It helps us in tracking conversions and what it cost us for that conversion, because knowing cost is highly important thing to measure our marketing KPI.

As we setup goals in analytics same we do for facebook and facebook pixel allows us to track conversions. 

  • Track conversions
  • Optimise ads
  • Create retargeting ads

How to install pixel in our website?

To install facebook pixel we needn’t to be a website developer, anyone can do it simply. Let me clear you on thing is that facebook has one base code that track every user that visits our site and second is custom conversions codes which we use to track something specific, like add to cart, any specific landing page view, email subscriber whatever we can set it up. 

How to setup it up manually?

First of all go to your facebook business manager and click on all tools.

You will get a dashboard same like this screen.

Then click on pixels in measure & report sections.

Once you hit the pixel a new screen will pop out something like this if you have installed pixels already it will show your pixel here and if not then it will show you nothing.

Just then click on add new data source and then.

The new screen will look like this.

Now you have to name your facebook pixel, whatever name you want.

And below the name just paste your website address.

Once you have finished all these steps 

You will see this screen now we have three options to install connect our website to pixel code.

This is where we are going to start the magic.

Out of all three just click the middle one of manually add pixel code to website. After clicking this we will head over to next screen.


Just click on copy entire code.

Now once you have copied the whole code just open your website admin panel.

Now Use this code to paste it in the header code of your site ( tags), something that should look pretty much like this:

And now hurray!!! We are tracking our website visitors and we can retarget them on facebook.

If you are having issues in pasting it in head tags for wordpress we can use plugins that is super easy.

How to install facebook pixel using plugin.

Just go to your wordpress and install a plugin called header and footers.

It is one of the most easiest and fastest ways to install our facebook pixel codes into our website and start the magic most marketers make.


Once this plugin is installed activate it and just head over to Settings > Insert Headers and Footers and paste the Facebook Pixel code where you want it:

Just click the save blue button and we are done, we have successfully installed our facebook pixel but wait our job is not done.


We should once verify whether it is installed our the entire code was not copied properly.

Once the facebook pixel is active it will show you active so make sure it shows active once it is active we are tracking our visitors.

Now our facebook base code is tracking everything but what if we want to track something specific don’t worry this is also done for you. We will now install facebook standard event codes.

Image result for facebook standard code

We need to put these codes on the pages we want to track specifically with our base code, like we want to track add to cart, we will use add to track code+base code to page we want to track.

how facebook pixel works

Now we have done this facebook will start showing our standard events in our conversion tab of facebook business manager, and we can use data to retarget people basis their action they perform on our website and make our marketing more effective and cost friendly.

Main uses of using Facebook ads pixel include:

  • Tracking conversions  on our website
  • Getting insights on audience and how our ads are performing
  • Creating audiences to retarget and split test between different audiences to find best performing.
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