Self-Liquidating Offer? (Hint: Done Right, It’s Free Lead Generation)

Imagine for a second, what if your sales funnel can build a big e-mail list FREE…

… Place where the Facebook ads are paying you for the 100 percent email list increase….

…. A situation where you can create a network of clients that are closely knit with very little effort and no costs being involved…

… This will be the launchpad for scaling your digital business to about $10K each month and way beyond!!

Do you want to travel more?

Want to get free from the debt?

Want to have a pay off that sets you free from the mortgage and having a clear life?

Now building Self Liquidating funnel and optimizing it can help you do that!

If you have been selling online something, regardless of what it is, it can be an online course or an e-book, software, or membership. Self-liquidating offers can be a fast track method.

This is the most powerful and fastest way in which you can get unlimited traffic and enhance your email list a lot faster.

In this post, I’m going to share all of the information that you need, for building SLF on your own!

So are you ready?

Let’s begin!

What Are Self Liquidating Offers?

The self-liquidating offer is the product of low cost that you are selling to cold traffic. This is the first thing that one offers to people that respond to the advertising.

Cold traffic just means strangers.

They are not aware of you or the product. They have been responding to the ad that you had placed or link online. These are people that are just curious and nothing more than that.

Primary Goal of Self Liquidating Offers:

The main objective of Self Liquidating Offers is offering help for recovering the ad costs instantly.

When you can do this, you can also re-invest the money for better advertising.

This is a good strategy and can work for anybody! More of this has been discussed further in the blog.

For now, we can observe how this seems to an affiliate marketer:

So you have found a product and that needs to be promoted and you want to drive traffic.

  1. You purchase an ad for driving traffic and making affiliate sales.
  2. And instead of sending the traffic to the affiliate sales page directly, you can send them on the squeeze page and they can get a good gift for subscribing.
  3. When they subscribe to you, you are sending them a low-cost offer in place of immediately sending them to the affiliate sale page.
  4. Now they purchase the low-cost offer. The thank-you page that you are showing them after the purchase is the affiliate sale page.

The result of the procedure, instead of directly driving traffic to the affiliate offer, can be stunning!

  • You make your list.
  • You are able to recover the ad cost immediately.
  • You create a new customer list.
  • You are still promoting the affiliate product for earning a commission.

This is honestly the best way of making online sales!!

Why Should You Use Self Liquidating Offers?

There are several reasons for using SLO and the major one is simple to understand. With the correct Self Liquidating offers you won’t have to pay for advertising ever again!

I’ll explain this right now!

An SLO is designed for helping one to recover the costs immediately that has been invested in the ad. And this means that a major problem is solved for you, this is especially true for affiliate marketers.

The issue is the flow of cash and this can get you out of the business.

Here is the way the issue looks like:

  1. You place the ad and then drive traffic towards the sales letter of the product that is being promoted.
  2. Then people respond to the ad and purchase that specific product.
  3. You also get paid some commission after the refund period is over and this is usually after about  30-75 days since the sale was made.
  4. So you will have to wait for this number of days before you get any amount back from the ad buy.
  5. You won’t be able to afford to keep buying ads and might not get paid; therefore you stop your promotion.

This is a scary pattern and one that a lot of affiliates find themselves gets trapped with. Also, product owners don’t stay immune to this effect. And consultants, coaches, and the service providers do suffer from this.

The answer to all of this is Self Liquidating offer funnel.

Who can use Self Liquidating offers?

The great news on SLO is that anyone can use it. And there is no single business that I have come across yet that hasn’t got helped through SLO for selling more. All of this without any kind of budget-busting in advertising needs to be done.

Take a look at all who can make use of Self Liquidating offers for selling more and for almost zero costs.

  1. Product owners: They can use this as a way of driving a huge amount of traffic.
  2. Affiliate marketers: They can use it for recovering the ad costs fast and can also keep promoting.
  3. Lead Generation: The providers can make use of SLO for generating no-cost lead that they can sell.
  4. CPA marketers: They can use SLO for sending massive traffic towards the CPA offers.
  5. Advertising seller: SLO can be used for building huge lists instantly and then selling solo ads to the list.
  6. Coaches: They can use it for both recovering the advertising cost and initiate nurturing the potential client.
  7. Consultants: Ad cost can be recovered and the services can be explained in a non-sales manner.
  8. E-Commerce sellers: Ones like Amazon store can make use of it for driving a large number of people towards the store and identifying interest.

I can help you with building your SLO funnel!!

How can you find the products for Self Liquidating offers?

This is the easiest part. All you have to do is understand the niche requirements, and finding products that can deliver the massive value that you can sell it for reasonable costs.

In case you are a product owner, you can fragment off part of the core product and make use of that as a low-cost product.

In case you are an affiliate marketer, you can make use of the best quality PLR product as the low-cost offer.

In case you are a consultant or coach you can use this or cheat sheet, checklist, and self-assessment for accomplishing SLO.

Does Self Liquidating offer work for real?

Of course, they do! And you cannot imagine to what extent!

The top marketers of the digital marketing space make use of this method each and every day. In fact, for a lot of people, this is the & secret sauce.

They are just not teaching this outside of the high valued inner circle.

Information sellers can use this for every niche and make use of the technique for recovering the ad costs and scaling up the success.

How can one create their SLO in the sales funnel?

1. Make a goal:
This is the very first step. Understand the fact that the main purpose of Self Liquidating offers is not making profits! This is being used for creating unique customer email lists for you. This list will help you in selling other services and products that are associated and can be beneficial for them.

To identify the software tools that are needed for building SLO funnel that will be able t generate the email list as fast as one can. Once you begin to have the subscriber list, you can build a personal relationship with the email newsletters or informing them about any publications over time. I highly recommend e-mail autoresponder for shortening the time needed for you in sending the weekly newsletters to the subscribers.

2. Brainstorm the Bonuses:

This is very important. For ensuring that the MLM offer is very attractive, you do need bonuses for supporting it. The bonuses can be in the following forms:

  1. Written products.
  2. Physical products.
  3. Spoken products.

3. Creating your offer and structuring it:

This is one of the most vital parts where you can structure the SLO in the sales funnel. In about each purchase decision that is made online, offers do play a big role in influencing the purchase decision and regardless of the price point that one has set.

For structuring a good offer, you might need to add a few bonuses that can support the main offer. Keep in mind that your main offer can stand alone as well, without the need for additional bonuses.

These bonuses than can further convince the customers for purchasing a product from you then the competitors as they are unique and are a must-have for all of the network marketers for gaining sales. Fast action bonus is vital in letting your customers purchase from you right now.

A standard offer stack ( main offer+ bonus) must contain these items, depending on the final price.

  1. The main service/product.
  2. Add-on bonus.
  3. Fast action bonus.

Before moving towards the next step, read the checklist for ensuring that you have all that you need before you move ahead with the advertising platform.

  1. One FREE product as the lead magnet. ( Guideline, report, checklist)
  2. SLO alone/ SLO offer stack ( For recovering some of the ad costs)
  3. The main product that offers stack ( The main thing that you want your customers to purchase)

4. Select the advertising platform:

There are some advertising platforms that one can use for running ads to get some traffic. In such a case, I am just going to talk about Facebook ads, because I am a lot more familiar with it when compared to Twitter or Instagram.

When you are creating the ads, you have to be aware of the goal that you have in mind. In the case of SLO, the main objective has to be generating as many leads as you can. You can also try different headlines as the ads for testing them to see the response of the market.

For further increasing the click rate of the website or the sales funnel, one can make use of the free lead magnet product as the bait for getting the right prospect too but things that you offer in exchange for the contact detail. In this way, you can build the relationship over time and eventually offering them something more without the need for running the ads again to acquire new clients.

5. Launch then test your Self Liquidating offers:

So by the time you reach this step, you probably have all set up. Here I have for you a checklist that you can refer to making sure that there is nothing missed. In case the product is not yet completed,one can still launch it as you can be sure that a demand is created before wasting time on product creation. One can finish the product when they know that the people have started buying or opting-in. Make sure that you are informing the customers that the offer hasn’t been completed yet and is going to get delivered on the time that is promised and has been set in advance.


  • Website page for the collection of user information.
  • A payment gateway that’s working so that you can receive the customer payments.
  • Email auto-responder for initiating the follow-ups, updating the customers, and receiving any kind of feedback.
  • Ads that are retargeting them towards your landing page/website.

If it’s possible, one can attempt running through the system for using a test credit card that is provided at the payment gateway that you select. And the actual credit card for ensuring that transaction works smoothly.

The goal is testing the system without the actual market for identifying the way efficiency of the sales funnel. You need to ask yourself in case the funnel breaks the cost or the funnel is going to be profitable, or you will be facing loss. Make the required tweaks until you are satisfied with the result you receive.

Why the Self Liquidating Funnel is perfect for being the first time funnel?

Do you know the main objective of building the first time funnel?

Creating the email list, right? Additionally, you will be attracting higher leads for turning into prospects and eventually into customers that pay. This is exactly Self Liquidating Offers will help you. You can build a list of potential clients, while creating a community, following, clan- you can label it any way you want.

This will motivate the audience for following the story, thoughts, and communications. You need them to think about your product/service whenever they are looking for a solution and your offer can be of assistance to them.

Over it, SLO also effortlessly converts the leads to customers while recovering the ad costs.

Benefits of Self Liquidating offers:

There are several benefits of Self Liquidating offers, and some of the primary advantages are discussed right here.

  1. Offering value to your customer through SLO creates interests as well as goodwill in their head regarding your brand and the image of the brand gets enhanced.
  2. It encourages trade support via premium offers. Additionally, the in-store brand display gets enhanced. This improves the visibility of the brand and hence the sales.
  3. The self Liquidating offers are usually associated with the advertisement campaign. This will, therefore, serve as a good medium for communicating the content of the ad and then corresponding to the customer franchise building.
  4. This strategy of a sale promotion can help in getting new clients and customers at the time of declining the demand or the off-season.
  5. Self liquidating promotion when used as part of a loyalty program can help in retaining the present customers.
  6. With this kind of promotion, there is an opportunity created for improving the sales of the product that have lesser demand in the market.

Wrapping it up!!

Self Liquidating offers are the perfect opportunity for blowing the audience away with extreme value. In return, you are also receiving maximum value. Even if this is just a big list of email addresses, that can be a powerful tool for the digital marketers for sending follow up sequences and all of the promotional material.

Building Self Liquidating funnel is not rocket science. But your action after putting the funnel at the place is one of the most challenging parts. You need to nurture leads through email marketing.

Keep in mind, that if you are using right Self Liquidating offers and also nurturing the leads in the right manner, a huge percentage of people will be accessing the freebie and are going to buy the core offer.

And, once you have aced the SLO design, it will rain sales and leads!