Hello, I am Ajay Rai. I have helped many companies get more “ready to buy” visitors to their websites

(I’ve worked hard to be) featured in:

If you’re a budding business, I bet there are tonnes of strategies that haven’t worked out for you. If you’re an established entity, you must be itching your hands on something that can help you scale up to the seven figures!

But are you a player when it comes to digital marketing? Of course, Ajay! Okay, I get it. But do you want to keep playing or do you wish to win the digital marketing game? Imagine being at the top. Look forward to the time when your money never sleeps when you do.

People save up for their yearly vacation. But what if I tell you that your income will flow to you like a waterfall even when you’re miles away from your workplace? How about living an abundant life without even worrying about showing up at your workplace?

Enough daydreaming now! Time to make those your reality.

What can I do for you?

Hi! I’m Ajay, a big fan of the ‘Midas Touch’ story and I’m going to help brands and businesses make a lot of cash! Now you must be thinking why I mentioned my favorite story in the same line as my name. Hear me out because my favorite story is going to turn your actions into cash.

King Midas had the golden touch which converted anything he touched into gold. Similarly, you’ll be able to turn your business into a permanent source of unlimited cash flow. Dionysus, the God of wine granted Midas the golden touch. Ajay Rai, the God of marketing will grant you the power to escalate your passive income by manifold. That’s me!

Here is what exactly I’m gonna do for you:


  • Help you bring a lot of $ (Pretty obvious!)
    Aid you in generating quality leads
  • Perform audits to help you improve your marketing strategy and sales funnel
  • Provide insightful skills to help you practice modern marketing
  • Multiply your profits within a few months

But here are the criteria you should meet for us to work on your project together


  • You must have a decent advertising budget to upscale your business
  • The product or services you’re offering must be impeccable and result-oriented

To be very clear, I’m not the marketing expert for you if you’re looking for a quick fix at a cheap rate. But if you’re serious about making a lot more money than you make now, I’m your guy!

I’m really good at what I do. But you don’t have to take my word for that. So, check out what my previous clients are saying about my services!

I can sit here all day and “brag about my work“,but it’s easier to just let others do the job for me!

Enough of the success stories Ajay, I want my name here!”

If this is what you’re thinking, shatter the steel ceiling that prevents you from soaring to your full potential. You might not even realize but your business idea has the power to shower you with gold!


I’ve already done all the cumbersome work for you…

Learning and implementing marketing details can easily break your bank. Not to mention, it hogs away all the time you can spend in scaling your business. So, why not leave it to someone who has already spent years doing research, understanding the latest market algorithms, and making your business reach its peak? That’s me again!

I’m just a FREE consultation call away!

All you need to get started is to pick up your phone and give me a call. I’ll understand every aspect of your business and provide a solution tailor-made for your requirements.